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  1. Tone415

    what's wrong?

    Idk.. thanks for ur response. ill try changing the nut, but I went through two fuse holders and now I notice this thing sparking. I doubt it could be the nut on all three. Any other suggestions?
  2. I had a melted fuse in the engine bay so I replaced it with a breaker. Well I noticed what caused the melting amd can't figure out why this is happening. Background: Ap1500 amp. Ssa gcon. Wired to two ohms. Small ap amp for 6x9's. Solid bare matel ground in back. All 4g wiring. Fused in the back. Those fuses do not melt. Neither does the fuse in the small amp. Stock eletrical. Now the problem. When the bass is turned up.. small sparks can be seen on the ring connector at the breaker/fuse holder. Then the wire gets warm. What can cause this? I immediately unhooked the systems power from the battery untill I can figure this out. Ill also post a vid.
  3. Need a single 12" d4 sub. Going to be in a 2 cubes ported box tuned to 34. Going to be on a audiopipe apsm1500... 1kish watts @ 2ohms BUDGET= $125ish
  4. Tone415

    2 type r 12s fs

    180 for the pair?
  5. Tone415

    Irritating Problem.

    cheap *** is not the problem. there is no "dash kit" for this car and i am unable to make one atm. ---------- Post added at 10:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:03 AM ---------- Thanks.. Thats what i didnt want to do because i dont really have the time to, but i guess ill have to make time to do it.
  6. Im going to give as much background info as possible. Car is a 96 Acura RL3.5 I have the stock stereo. Using the stock front stage for now. I have a LOC comming from what was the rear 6x9 wires to a mono amp @ 2 ohms. one sub. I wanted to add 3 way 6x9's to the rear to help with the mids/highs. the stock 6x9's only played bass. so i connected the 3-way 6x9's to a 2 ch amp. One speaker per channel @ 4 ohms each channel. PROBLEM 6x9's ONLY play bass. No matter what settings i use on the amp, the amp will not play any kind of highs. ONLY bass. So i put the same amp and 6x9s to a friends car.. works fine. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!?
  7. or ever then why even post about how much the bass will suck in that car when i said nothing about bass?
  8. I wouldn't be putting too much bass in it since it really doesn't have the room for it. But you're probably right. I didn't think about that till now.
  9. yeah thats the only thing i don't really care about it. I'm more concerned about the engine than the top though.
  10. lol i have bro. alll of SF bay area Craigslist
  11. hahahaha! man i cant find any decent ones around me in my price range. think i want a mustang now with some 10's lol. ima use the entire trunk