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    Best oilfield mechanic in the west Texas "petro plex" I build and race giant scale model airplanes. I love to tinker with 12volt audio and always lean towards spl on my builds.
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    John Orbison...AKA Orbie wan kanobie
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    West. TEXAS
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    Oil field mechanic, Machinist, and structural welder
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    airplane racing (models), guns, and loud music
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    220 amp alt 3 yellow tops 2 PPI BK1800's 2 HDC3 18" subs. 2 PPI phantom 900.4's 2 Infinity c
  1. bumpasauras

    Batteries, batteries, batteries

    Interstate. Industrial black top for the sole reason of the 36 month free replacement. And 5 year prorate . Now what you need to do is quit ***** footn around and get a batt that has a pair and will discharge a lil sumthin sumthin However I do feel the same constraints of budget so if the 150 is all in the INTERSTATE hands down .. I routinly rand 3 of them dead at parties and they always came back to life.. I will add that when bought the three interstates I was replacing the 2yr Wal-Mart bats that they refused to warranty a 3rd time in 9 months
  2. bumpasauras

    Soundigital SD20k

    Dayum that's cheap power... Alts will be a ***** on the check book though ..
  3. As a general rule of thumb you want to add up the fuse rating of all the amps you are wanting to power. Shoot for an alt that has an amp rating as close to the sum of your fuse rating as you can afford/fit. Say if yor sub amp has a 100 amp rating and your mid/high amp has a 40 amp rating then you will be shooting for a 140 amp alt. For every 10-15 amps below the 140 amp mark add a battery.. This is a crude rule of thumb but it will get you in the ball park.. I build alts on the side so lemme know what type of vehicle and what equipment you are trying to power and I can tell you what amp rating you will need and about how much you can expect to pay. Just to be clear anything above your fuse rating is great.. I usually advise my customers to buy the largest alt possible (within reason) to allow for future upgrades
  4. What if I just want the sub?? Lol. Just bustin your stones
  5. Ok would you trade for a NIB DC lvl4?? its a 12... 0r BNIB sq hdc4 15 Shipping is gonna be the killer of this deal I have a fealing I think the lvl4 weighs 50lbs and Im pretty sure the b2 is more than that.. I also have a graphics card for pc...its an ASUS GTXTITANBLACK-6GD5 GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP. Asus card NIB never opened... I was gonna put it in my new gaming pc but I bought a big long range gun I think I paid 1000$ for it 2-3 months ago I got it from new egg... Also have a whole bunch of guns if you like shooting iron. PM me
  6. Helluva sub Ran 4k daily on 1 for a long time and it sounds great at that powa lvl. I have seen them on 12k..wonder why they discontinued them?? Helluva sub GLWS!!!
  7. bumpasauras

    Yes another amp question

    Thats exactly what I was thinking A sq 2200 would get my nod for sure. I actually saw a sq 2200 AND an hdc3 18" for 500$ the other day so you can find sq2200's under 400$ pretty easy... I really want some 1 to buy the new bk 7000.1 ppi amp and lemme know if its really .5 stable .. I currently have 2 of the bk1800's running my subs but would like more powa
  8. bumpasauras

    Sound qubed let me down!! (For the first time)

    You cannot but I have a cc-1 and dd-1 and must have mis spoke...
  9. bumpasauras

    Sound qubed let me down!! (For the first time)

    Well to conclude what all ended up happening ... Sq made me ship the faulty gear back to them before they would replace any of it ......got that done now the mix-matched set is having problems lost one of the tweeters due to MORE xover issues...Customer is as I type this Ripping out the SQ stuff and is going Alpine lol....bout to go help him he is a buddy of mine so no biggie but damm what a poor first impression this guy has with the company...... Will be staying with their amps and subs as well as the q-matt from now on.....
  10. bumpasauras

    is this o-scope good ?

    I have usually been happy with laptop based setups over cheaper hand helds..... Been a while since Ive been on did you ever get those hdc3 15's on the bk1800's ???
  11. bumpasauras

    Yes another amp question

    I ALWAYS over buy on my amp so with that as a clarifier bc2000 gets the nod for what you listed tough mid size amp thats 1/2 ohm stable ftw
  12. bumpasauras

    sundown sa-12 opinions

    I have always liked the sa. For the money it's pretty hard to beat, I ran my 2 sa15"s off several different amps but anything in the 800-1000 rms range really gets them moving. Compared to the type r I would give the sa the nod
  13. bumpasauras

    Sound qubed let me down!! (For the first time)

    I like it well worth their price I have like 300-400$ worth of it in the avalanche and it keeps the hdc3 18"s on 3600 rms pretty darn quite.
  14. bumpasauras

    Sound qubed let me down!! (For the first time)

    I almost did not post this as I love their stuff but issues with both sets is a little more than a fluke but as always they are working to resolve the prob.. Keep your head up SQ. Lol
  15. Doing an install for a friend of mine, and due to my adamant recommendation he ordered SQ gear. Consisted of: 2 sets of the sq components and a heap of their qmat. He had a kicker zx200.4 (I think that's what model it was) which has a 50 watt X 4 rms power rating at 4 ohm. I knew it was under power for the comps but I figgured it would at least give him somthing to listen to while I built his box and waited for the subs and amp, and the ppi 900.4 to come in.. Now keep in mind Im running almost all sq gear and love it, same with my wife's car and most of my friends and family who are into audio stuff, again due to my recommendation. So after i install them I set the gains on the amp with a dd1 triple checked everything and powered everything up keeping the hu volume lvl just above 0. As soon as the music was audible I knew somthing was wrong. 1 of the woofers only made the dreaded "scratchy" sound of a cooked vc. Also the tweeter on the opposite side was dead. I of course checked everything making sure I had the the woofer on the woofer output of the cross over, as well as well as polarity, and checked the amps crossover.. All correct including the rca's.. So I checked the woofer's ohm load with my Fluke and it was all over the place but was around 18-26 ohms the tweeter was at .1 ohms.. I even switched crossovers with the ones that were working and the same issue was present. What's odd is BOTH sets of comps had faulty speakers/cross overs. My customer contacted sq and the said ship back the faulty set and they would replace them, when he told them both sets had issues they said make up a a complete set by mixing the 2 sets together and then send them back..... Stuff happens no biggie but my customer is very unhappy because of having to tear apart all his door panels several times over the course of the install instead of 1 time.. Still like sq stuff but having issues with both sets is cause for concern IMHO.. So if you get a set of the current batch of sq comps I would suggest ohm'ing the speakers before you install them.