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  1. Im looking to buy. I can pay monday. PM me if you want to sell.
  2. PM me best price shipped to Montgomery, Alabama (HU and module). This looks really nice. I've started hunting for volume knobs already.
  3. adrian1185

    For Sale- Pioneer 5700dvd flip out

    you have a PM
  4. adrian1185

    For Sale- Pioneer 5700dvd flip out

    Are you still selling this and where are you located in Alabama? Im in Montgomery. Pm me if you're still open to sell.
  5. adrian1185

    Kenwood DDX318 DoubleDin 4v/dvd/touchscreen

    Are you still selling bro?
  6. adrian1185

    16gb Black Zune HD/Verizon HTC Incredible

    inbox me bro. and where do u live? if i buy from you, i will need it asap
  7. adrian1185

    16gb Black Zune HD/Verizon HTC Incredible

    Clean ESN on the incredible?
  8. adrian1185

    15" vfl extreme dual 4ohm

    thats sexiiiii
  9. adrian1185

    FS: Rockford Fosgate R500-1

    free bump
  10. adrian1185

    Planet Audio P2250D

    free bump. nice amp dude
  11. Well, i just purchased a 2008 Chevy Impala LT with OnStar about 2 months ago and now im looking to install an aftermarket stereo and amplifier. The thing is, i dont want to buy the expensive *** harness LAN kit that retains all the OnStar settings and chimes. The crap costs 140 bucks on ebay and sonicelectronix but i was hoping there was an alternative to this. Are there any gurus out there that can help me out? Pointers? Suggestions? Is this thing absolutely necessary because i could care less about OnStar and door chimes.