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  1. the lincoln will be running an RDAlpha 12" [2500rms] and needs to be ported thru arm rest. and the audiA4 will run an atomicAPX and needs to port thru rear deck.. can provide max dimensions or anyother measurement required. not looking for a handout i realize acurate 4th order designs are difficult. thx in advance.
  2. thanx bros actually came up with the same specs designed around 4.5 per with 140 sq^in port .
  3. dam i need that cactus!
  4. factory recomends 4.5 cu^ft each . any other experience or suggestions ? thanx in advance
  5. Need help designing a 4th order port thru for a 2000 BMW323 , The woofer is a RD Alpha 2000wrms, in a 2400 hifonics. max height is 14" depth and width are open. Thanx in advance
  6. This is for two RE MT' 15's on a 15K amp Not real familiar with these woofers or building a burp box any input is appreciated . The current box thats being used is 4.06Cu^ft @ 43.73 . I know this is not correct for a small van burping peaking @ 70Hz . all input appreciated .
  7. Savag3

    Repair a eclipse CD5100

    haha . thas rite ~
  8. Savag3

    snailshell box

    like a bass horn ?
  9. Savag3

    Repair a eclipse CD5100

    ya those are siK ~ wana sell ? haha
  10. Savag3

    Repair a eclipse CD5100

    Ok thanx , i guess i assumed they werent doin repairs here anymore either haha.
  11. Savag3

    Repair a eclipse CD5100

    Had a major voltage loss and a CD5100 went down in the mix . will not power back on , anyone know of a repair center that repairs headunits ?thanx in advance .
  12. Looking to do a blow thru in my dodge dakota . going with four RD.Alpha/PSI 15" hybrids on a RD d9 @ .5ohm . looking to target at around 30-32hz ~ looking for some ideas on designs thanxall in advance ~ pic of tha Dak :