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  1. crash9201


    trade agreement here-http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/showthread.php?t=43324 Alright aquateen i gues doesnt speak english or atleast the kind i do cuz im confused.... I agree to trade him my 2 l7 d4s for an autotekat1000+ a Alpine 3555+some cash. i felt good about the trade; Untill the amps showed up. I picked up the box and heard "cling Clang". He had half filled a box with packing peanuts and shipped the amps; so they bounced off everything and anything. I ran power to autotek just so if it turned on and it did. It took me about a week id say to get a box made and install everything. About an hour after i installed everything i left my buddies house. On my way home the amp goes into protect becuase its hot enough to cook eggs on. I Spent a day or 2 checking all my connections and trying different vc configs. Nothing worked; Next day i leave for work; the coil on my sub unwinds; Hmmmmm(i blame amp) I let aquateen know whats going on right away; he said this exactly Originally Posted by crash9201 Hey man; i just got the autotek hooked up to one of these http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-...3_790889_n.jpg and ive tried any and all type of coil configs but the amp keeps getting really **** hot and sooner or later goes into protect; ive checked my ground 3 times; my power wire 5 times so i know my connections are fine this is really frustrating "what? there is no way possible man, it worked 1000000% perfect when i had it and i took it out and it just sat and collected dust... im not sayin youre a liar about what is happening in anyway but it worked when i had it." In another pm i can quote him saying "lemme know i wanna get this resolved." i told him i wanted 185(asking price for subs) and he never pmd me back; and this is where we are; everything iv said to him in the past 4-5 days is in our trade agreement thread. He has never 100% said that the 185 i suggested was Alright and etc. Basically i think he saw about how i posted saying i didnt insure my subs and figured he would say "your subs are blown My amp was fine Im no scammer" He did send me a pm saying that the 06 l7 might have some coil rub but I asked him to check into it and get back to me.... never heard back Now he is calling me a scammer saying i shipped him a blown sub; and that im just a noob and blew the amp... I might be new at SPL but small setups ive done time and time again. i have all Aqua's Pms about this which i will post if necassary... so prolly tomorrow given what he has been saying. Ya Ive realized he is not going to give me money/subs/anything to make this right so this is a warning for any1 looking to do bussiness with aquateen99
  2. ^this; that is why my old neon was beat to ****; i was to busy messing with my hu settings instead of driving...
  3. ya as title says; i gotta figure out if the at1000 i just got in a trade is fried or if i am. Amp is an Autotek AT1000 wired to an Version 1 IDQ 12'' d4 which is currently wired like this but bridged http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchf...4-ohm_mono.jpg Amp starts up fine and sub sounds good; for about 20-45 min; then amp gets REALLY hot and goes in to protect. I have checked and rechecked and rechecked my power/ground which were the same as my previous WORKING system. Ive tried several different coil configs with the same responce. At this point i just want to send the amps from trade back and get my subs, just wanna make sure amp is fried b4 i do.
  4. im pretty sure its a fried alt. On the way to work today right after i posted this; i pulled out of 7-11 and noticed sparks coming from my engine compartment; i pulled over and turned my car off. The plastic washer thing that seperates the positive and neg. terminals fell off... and i cant get the wire off the alt becuase it welded the nut on the screw... thank god i have triple a
  5. Today i was out doing some running around; i had the subs pounding and then all of sudden my accelleration cut off; at a stop light i turned the car off and restarted it; and the same thing; if the subs are going the drops the rpms to idle and wont accelerate; ive disconnected but WTF ive never heard of this
  6. crash9201

    anyone interested in a bagged s-10

    i would of jumped all over this; but id rather get a truck with a stock paint job so i can make it mine; free bump for a sick truck tho
  7. i bought rasta label one of these from a headshop for 215 free bump for the price... i miss my baby; bastard freind broke it
  8. crash9201

    WTTF: PS3 games {looky inside ;)}

    ive got big 3 cables cut to size for a 02 nissan altima with terminals.
  9. crash9201

    kicker solo x

    wanna sell one? i wanna figure out if i can get away with a single 18 in a trunk setup... prolly wont but idk
  10. crash9201

    WTB: Tobbaco Bowl

    ive got a bowl; i cant find the thread but i bought it off some1 here for 35; ill sell it to you for 20+shipping; its been used but is in good shape... ill take some pics
  11. is it just the hard drive games and controllers? no pic of 360?
  12. crash9201

    2nd Try

    seems this idea failed; w.e i officially dont have a liscence and i smoked my alternator the other day... yay get to dump money into a car i cant drive
  13. crash9201

    2nd Try

    i just started working again, i get fridays and saturdays off any other day i wont b there
  14. crash9201

    IL. get together opportunity

    x2; my 2 10s doesnt really count as a system when compared to the crazy setups you guys got; plus i really wanna get a meter on the altima since i got the extra batt in... i just got a job so sooner or later(hopefully sooner) ill have the l7s as loud as they can go...
  15. crash9201

    IL. get together opportunity

    i wanna go but talking my dad into giving me gas money for it proving to be more of a challange then i thought... so im 50/50 on whether ill be there or not... when is every planning on showing up anyway