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  1. bassahaulic

    zachzchw possible scammer

    A Novel huh? No novel is complete without the best **** talker/troll EVER!!!!
  2. bassahaulic

    zachzchw possible scammer

    I heard Meade just refunded your money too? Sup with that big dog?
  3. bassahaulic

    zachzchw possible scammer

    Notice this thread is here. And not on a single other forum....
  4. bassahaulic

    Pioneer Premier D-Series

    What does everyone think about them? I have been thinking about buying some more, I had 2 pairs of D-Series x9"s in my last truck. And now that I am getting a van I am thinking about getting D-series to fit the factory locations. What do yall think?
  5. bassahaulic

    PA 4000k?

    Because of the 4 30 amp fuses..... limiting it to 120 amps of current flow.... with 18v..... that will put out at FULL tilt 2,160 at 14.4v 1,728 Full power at 12v 1,440 Full power
  6. bassahaulic

    PA 4000k?

    Yeah it will so 2,000 rms at 14.4v and 10%THD......
  7. bassahaulic

    Can you handle the LVL 6?

    Yall better watch out for Rusty...... he does some crazy stuff. A LV6 might be come real soon.