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  1. ciaonzo

    Amplifiers have no power

    You should try to isolate the amplifiers and test again. Only provide power to a single amp at a time, no distro blocks. 11v is low, where are you touching your leads to take the measurement?
  2. ciaonzo

    Help choosing 6.5

    Yeah, I think you'll like them. They'll be very different from the PRV drivers, those likely have very stiff suspension and not much going on below 100Hz. The SBA have a very soft suspension and make clean bass down to 30Hz or so. You won't be able to dump power into them like you can the PRV but that's okay, they don't need much more than 50-75w to do everything.
  3. I haven't checked my eamil in a while, I will be sure to do that and get back to you.
  4. There you go, that's what he's after. Not sure if he's prepared to cover shipping on that beast but you might shoot him a PM, he's great to deal with.
  5. ciaonzo

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    I concur. You want blubb blubb not hoompf hoompf.
  6. That's not the type of LMT he's referring to bud, lol. Damn nice driver, though! Pretty rare these days.
  7. I bought a MeanWell knockoff switch mode power supply over five years ago and it's still going strong. I have it dialed in at 13.8v and it's good for around 50A. I have stressed it repeatedly for time periods lasting well over an hour and it delivers. Like the type below but I didn't buy from that particular seller. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Switch-Metal-Power-Supply-Adapter-AC-To-DC-12V-10A-30A-40A-50A-60A-for-LED-Strip/382495999270?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52885%26meid%3D04a2e12408e646b3866fafe5a36405a9%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D392078178398%26itm%3D382495999270&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  8. ciaonzo

    boland audio

    Oh boy, haven't heard anyone bring up the RC challenge in a while. He will never pay out that prize money but it isn't because amps don't sound different. He knows amps can sound different and he's smart enough to know why amps can sound different but he's having too much fun with his little experiment to finally admit something like that. Do you just not like anything fancy? I mean why did you pay all that money for Zed class D when there are other choices that would have offered simliar power and lasted just as long? Why not just buy the nastiest, cheapest shit you can find since you always try to convince everyone there are never any sonic gains to be had when going for something with "features". I should know better than to play devil's advocate with you but I sometimes get annoyed at how dismissive you can be when it comes to the whole sound quality thing, since hardly anyone who does the sound quality thing tries to be dismissive toward you with your SPL opinions and experiences.
  9. ciaonzo

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    I meant to say can only harness so much POWER before thermal compression sets in.
  10. ciaonzo

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    That looks really good, probably as ideal as it gets for a nice resistive load for the amplifier to "see" and the peaks are pretty benign. That means the amplifier is able to deliver gobs of current with ease over a wide range, all while cone motion is controlled. I suspect there is some decent excursion in the mid to upper 30's but the rest is pretty well damped. The enclosure is really productive (efficient) but the driver is a low BL design so it can only harness so much thermal energy before thermal compression sets in. I think that is the conundrum that you are experiencing. 28-29Hz (Fb) is where I would set output voltage. 50Hz is not in the .8 to 1 ohm region like 28-29Hz is. The other thing I would do is lower your LP filter in order to limit the power the driver will receive in the upper frequencies. I like the balance that a 50Hz low pass has to offer. Is your front stage pretty decent?
  11. ciaonzo

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    I still don't like that driver for a ported enclosure that you intend to throw power at, BL is too low at about 9.3
  12. ciaonzo

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    Yep, sounds right. You might try and set output at Fb (tuning frequency) because it's usually the lowest impedance the amplifier will see, since 50Hz will be in the area where the impedance peaks are higher on either side of Fb. I'm sure that the actual impedance at Fb will also be higher than 1 ohm so you will need to factor that in when you work the formula. Does PK have the impedance plot for that enclosure workup? Maybe he can quote the actual impedance at Fb for you.
  13. ciaonzo

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    Sorry about that, I didn't realize. It looked like a big sealed enclosure from the pics. This would drastically change everything I mentioned above (please disregard it) and your only actual thermal issue would be at or near the tuning frequency where you have minimum cone motion. You'll still have a reactive impedance profile to deal with but it shouldn't be all that bad. You're certain about the amount of real-world power being delivered? Sounds like that DD can muster up almost a full 2K.
  14. ciaonzo

    Dayton Audio Box Build

    You have a large(ish) sealed enclosure designed to give you bandwidth and efficiency, which is great for the low BL and Qes/Qts of that driver. It offers bandwidth and extension, not maximum power handling ability. But it sounds like it's doing what it was designed to do, you said you liked the output and extension in your earlier post. I'm not sure why people insist on dumping more watts into their drivers than is necessary, lol. I guess if you want that type of setup you could throw a port in each side and throw some ultimax drivers in. They'll stand up to the abuse a little better than the HO/HF drivers will.