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  1. ciaonzo

    Random Picture Thread

    Back when she was so f*****g cute.
  2. ciaonzo

    Pioneer parts supplier

    Try these? http://www.pacparts.com/model.cfm?model_id=DEH1300MP&mfg=Pioneer&back=0&action=list_part https://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/model.asp?modelNum=DEH1300MP&x=31&y=3
  3. ciaonzo

    Random Picture Thread

    Pretty cool, man. Good lookin' folks who look happy. Thanks for sharing.
  4. ciaonzo

    Budget mids and highs.

    No worries, your head was in the right place. I just didn't want the fella putting a 6K 10w resistor inline with his tweeter and watching it melt down. 😁
  5. ciaonzo

    Budget mids and highs.

    I think I understand what you're going for but you must have meant something different? A single resistor isn't a crossover. Besides that, if you meant a capacitor for protection purposes only, you would want a very large microfadarad value that would not impact any of the possible crossover points inside of the usable bandwidth. You're basically looking for something that will block low frequency content below 200-400Hz but without influencing stopband so that phase tracking is still good once the active points and slopes are applied. A cap offering "protection" at a frequency of 6kHz would destroy all of that and simply limit him to a 6dB slope at 6kHz. In reality the protection capacitor just isn't necessary unless he's using a ribbon tweeter. Better off saving his money and avoiding the trouble of bad sound.
  6. Anyone have experience with the Aodhan brand of rims? I'm looking at the ones below and I like them but I'm unsure about the quality. I don't really want to try and afford expensive 3 piece rims since I won't be showing the car or racing it. Going with a 19" or 20" depending on clearance issues. What do you guys think?
  7. ciaonzo


    I know, I cringed at that part. It's understandable with the pain he must be in, and with all that he still does. He doesn't seem like someone who is abusing them, though. Hopefully he stays disciplined and just plays it cool so he doesn't OD. Weening himself off those things will be a trial in itself.
  8. ciaonzo


    Yep, that one got me in the feels. Dude has heart.
  9. ciaonzo

    Epicenter help

    A couple more tracks with some low stuff.
  10. ciaonzo

    Epicenter help

    There's some low stuff in the beginning and middle of this track. You'll get some answers one way or another.
  11. ciaonzo

    Epicenter help

    Do you have one or two subs? A single 4 ohm driver can't be wired down to 2 ohms unless it has dual 4 ohm voice coils. 29Hz is a pretty good and low tuning so if the volume of the enclosure is also on track, I'm going to venture a guess that "sla-4 bass hi" is the problem. The boost associated with it is likely to be in the upper region and with all of your other settings being pretty much flat, the low end may be relatively lacking for that reason. Try this. Turn the sla-4 bass off and leave it alone for a while. Instead, don't be afraid to extract the frequencies you like by using the appropriate low pass crossover frequency combined with some responsible EQ. A flat EQ doesn't sound good. EQ is meant to compensate for uneven frequency response and can also add that warm, smooth sound with a little twinkle on the high end to make listening more enjoyable on a daily basis. Loudness settings are okay for the same reason, they work well when used properly. Try setting your lo pass to 50Hz @ 18 or 24dB, just to start with. Next, use some DJ Billy E, DJ Droppin' or something similar with constant state bass tones that go from high to low and try adjusting your subwoofer level relative to the midbass up front. Then adjust your EQ by bumping the 30Hz area by 2dB to 4 dB, or more preferably by lowering the 50Hz or 80Hz bands by that amount (but this can also impact your front midbass), see if this is going to give the balance of frequencies you are looking for. Don't adjust these 20Hz & 30Hz bands too aggressively because it will require enormous amounts of extra power (leading you into clipping land) and you can also run into over-excursion issues. As necessary, you can readjust your subwoofer level for the best match to your frontstage and If you want more transient attack or slam for the midbass you can raise the low pass setting to 63 or 80Hz. You may need to adjust the sub level back down after raising the low pass. This is just one approach, many will work. But this will get you started in that direction and if you still can't seem to get what you're after, you may need a line driver or there may be something off in your wiring or something else that was overlooked.
  12. ciaonzo

    Epicenter help

    I'm a big fan of the Epicenter when used as intended, but not all the time, and I don't believe it's what you need for purposes. Tell us more about your enclosure (volume, tuning) and such so we can get a better idea of what may be problematic for you. You may simply need to tune lower if that's your preference. Or maybe you need to EQ correctly or add a line driver. Lots of variables on the way to getting it right. You can throw in the Epicenter if/when you have everything setup properly and you just want to have some fun with older recordings or anything that doesn't have much low content to start with.
  13. ciaonzo

    new cars

    We talk about audio here.