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  1. ciaonzo

    new cars

    We talk about audio here.
  2. ciaonzo

    Need some help identifying 18 inch sun

    I agree, it looks like one pulled out of a T1 or T2 frame. I think I remember seeing Zeuslicious build up one of these years ago. Not this driver, though.
  3. ciaonzo

    Darlington transistors, whats the deal???

    For as little as I post anymore, I'm surprised someone would notice my absence at all. I did sound like a grumpy old man there, didn't I? I just need moar bass in my life, lol. I also wanted to make my quarterly post as sensational as I could in this Orwellian/Kardashian time of living. You'll forgive me, I tend to get all Bill Burr once in a while. I see some minor changes even since making those remarks, so I would also add that it's a welcome sight to have an active admin. Tip my hat to that. What'ya think... you like it? Thanks, dude. I see you been keeping the random pic thread going strong. I look at that at least once a week.
  4. ciaonzo

    Darlington transistors, whats the deal???

    And this place looks like shit. Can you admin/developer types stop tweaking shit every other day? Fucking gay icons, colors, bubbles and stats all over the place is a bit much. It doesn't look like a car audio forum, it looks like faycbook. But I guess that's what you're going for, huh? SHARE SHARE SHARE, LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!! COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER, WHO'S ON THE LEADERBOARD? WHO'S GOT THE MOST FOLLOWERS? I remember when they were called friends, not followers. How long before the algorithms start flagging shit for the social credit system? We need this to be the safest, fairest, PC culture around, you know. Wouldn't want any of these snowflakes getting their feelings hurt.
  5. ciaonzo

    Darlington transistors, whats the deal???

    Why are you asking us this in the Dome, bruh? It's a single NPN device but a tandem circuit, second one building off the first. Not sure if they make a PNP. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darlington_transistor
  6. Awwwwwwesome. Very glad to hear that everything was legit. Even used protective corners on the boxes. The cells are a little bigger than I expected, but 40Ah!
  7. ciaonzo

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    That prolly burned a lil more than usual, eh?
  8. ciaonzo

    Orion HCCA tho...

    I know, I couldn't resist. ?
  9. ciaonzo

    Orion HCCA tho...

    *throws 2500w Orion amp in the garbage because he is wasting it on a SQ install. fml lulz
  10. ciaonzo

    Classified Rules

    Thanks, MOT. You're alright, I don't care what Spider Monkey says about you.
  11. ciaonzo

    Classified Rules

    My suggestion would be for you to contact admin since you're on the roster as an enforcer of policy and far more likely to get a response from those that own/run the place. Here's your chance to do something for the people, be a hero and improve this place. Seems like we have our priorities misplaced since we're more concerned with censoring naughty words like shit piss fuck and cunt.
  12. Atta boy. Fuck 'em. The fucking weakest and most fucking unnecessary type of fucking censorship, IMO.
  13. Fuckin right it is. I understand, as long as you find some type of value in it. Do what you have to for the time being, but you be ready to put that shitweasel in his place when the time comes.