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  1. Hii Im Justin

    My honda project

    maybe i should update this build lol i finally got somewhere
  2. Hii Im Justin

    FS Velodyne Plate Amp

    Have a Velodyne DLS-3500R plate amp for sale. works perfect, just the sub is blow, but i used it to power my tower speakers.. asking $150obo for it.. specs Power Requirements: 117V, 60 Hz Frequency Response: 34-140 Hz +/-3 dB High Pass Crossover(Digital): 80 or 100 Hz(6 dB/octave slope) Low Pass Crossover(Digital): 40 Hz-120 Hz (adjustable)(12 dB octave, 24 dB ultimate) Digital Phase: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees Digital Presets: Movies; R&B-Rock; Jazz-Classical; Games Output Power 350 Watt at 4ohms Crossover bypass: Subwoofer Direct
  3. Hii Im Justin

    Remember these?

    i miss those two i had
  4. Hii Im Justin

    My "finished" HT

    nice! downstairs we got polk's in the walls front and rear..velodyne powered sub and Yamaha receiver.. its decent for what it is.. my room i have tower speakers with 4 10"s and center speaker..its more for music though
  5. Hii Im Justin

    Another Alpine Type R Thread

    i had type r's before
  6. Hii Im Justin

    What was your first car?

    88 dodge shadow with a shocker 15 in a backseat wall
  7. DBfan187 is trading a picture collection of nude pics of his step sister for Pics of me.. Thats all
  8. Hii Im Justin

    For Sale: Verizon Droid

    black friday at best buy had those for $99 with 2year contract
  9. Hii Im Justin

    My honda project

    speaking of the honda.. more pics later this week.. block is at the machine shop still..should be all built by friday i hope
  10. Hii Im Justin

    My honda project

  11. Hii Im Justin

    My honda project

    im here u ****, go check my myspace..rrevmotors is in my town and yes that audi was mine and theres a build thread on here of me doing it