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  1. keiffith

    Full audio setup

    Re XXX components $325 a set MTX TA5604 Amp $270 each RE XXX 15" Sub $600 Zapco c2k 9.0x NIB$2000- used-$1100 Audiocontrol DQL 8 $450 subtotal-$2970 setup will include a second battery, upgraded big 3, 200w+ alt, and the sub will be sealed to the pass compartment just wanted to see what people thought of the setup, and if i should make any changes.
  2. keiffith

    am i going def already??? :/

    sensory fatigue is why you don't feel or hear the bass so much after a prolonged period of time. this is why people go deaf. they get used to the level, then they turn it up, etc etc.
  3. keiffith

    Rate Your System Game

    .054345. you fail. lol honestly-4
  4. keiffith

    Will Termlab in NE Ohio area

    yeah, those stores are pretty cool, just not much here. everyone wants a honda civic/ford mustang and run sony xplode crap:(
  5. keiffith

    Will Termlab in NE Ohio area

    hmmm thats not far from the BFE erie PA i live in... the only things worth a **** here is the peninsula and the ****in millcreek mall... so do you just meter or do you own a shop?
  6. keiffith

    which suv

    go for the jimmy. its already got a nice set of wheels on it, and only needs som minor work. and to all the people on hear saying buying a car/truck thats been pulled off the road is going to be a money pit, i spent $400 putting a $175 car on the road= $575 for a reliable car. didn't give me an ounce of problems until i wrecked it.
  7. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    a 1989 buick lesabre custom.
  8. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    no. these people own cheapo cars but know better than to use used gaskets.
  9. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    this board is full of butthurt babies. go suck on moms tit and STFU
  10. keiffith

    Why did you ban me?

    asking for sympathy from this board is like asking for free subs.
  11. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    i edited it. im sorry you get butthurt the second you get offended...
  12. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    i said i hoped you where not, never said you where. well, im just glad everthing ive had to buy for my cars has been less than that.
  13. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    its $5. to me its something to replace so you dont get problems. but its your car, can't tell you what to do with it. i just hope you dont run around telling people your car is "fast". people at my school that have vtec or think they have vtec just annoy the hell out of me. they dont know the difference between a turbo and a supercharger.
  14. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    ahh. most people i know have enough money to replace a gasket. but if your using RTV sealant thats ok i guess.
  15. keiffith

    Painted my valve cover

    you didnt REPLACE the gasket? i bet it will leak in a few weeks. your NEVER soposed to use a used gasket.