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  1. Having owned the W7, and now the UL12, I agree with this statement 100%. Not to mention the ul12 needs 1.35 ft3, and weighs1/3 the W7
  2. vingasoline

    Two 12" Alpine Type-R or One 15' Mmats Dreadnaut

    I had many sub boxes/subs in the TB. I am always unsatisfied with all of them.. So far I have had 2 alpine R12's 2 alpine x12's (I prefer the R's) 1 dread 15 2 Juggernaut 12's 1 juggernaut 15 at the moment, 1 RE Audio XXX15 All the subs were run off a soundstream tarantula Limited 2000wrms amplifier The type X comes in last for me, followed by the type R's, but may be replaced by the ReXXX.- Whoever thought 20-40hz was good for musical bass reproduction in a vehicle was an idiot The Re plays the lowest, and the 15 Juggernaut is definately the loudest, followed by the 12" juggs. The dread played everthing I threw at it, almost sounded like it was in a sealed box. DD will be next for me. No pictures at the moment, my hard drive stopped working, and I lost them all, on a disk somewhere. but when I get some time, i'll take some of the current set up. My Tb is the extended model, so if you have the regular one, the R's might sound better. Everybody says it's the box that matters, personally I think the amount of airspace in your cabin is the limiting factor.. I seen a guy hit 160+ db in a cavalier with a single jugg 15 in a box built to spec. I have the same sub, box built to spec, and more power, im not even close.
  3. vingasoline

    Two 12" Alpine Type-R or One 15' Mmats Dreadnaut

    I have owned both the R's and dread. I also have an 05 trailblazer.. The R's really aren't that great in the TB, and that's in a built to spec box.. They were really lacking in output. The Dread is a SQ woofer, and it's loud as hell.. I found the best setup was sub up port back. Thought my back windows were gonna pop out.. So the best way to go is with the dread, it sounds better and is louder.
  4. vingasoline

    What happend to car audio? My little rant

    The problem is the internet and "B stock". Example- here in canada when PG was big and expensive, dealer cost was half of retail. Zx500 cost was $1200, that same amp online refurbished or B stock was 300. Pretty tough to compete with that.. All the big brands are available and very easy to find online for way less than any local stereo shop can sell for.. It's the manufacurers, they need to stop selling their refurbished products on the cheap. I have seen the price list on refurbished panasonic, and PG(back in the day), and most of the stuff is like 70 points below cost.. Back in the day we sold PG, Alpine, Kenwood, Jl Audio, Soundstream Today, it's Clarion, Kenwood, and exile. It sells cause it's cheap.
  5. vingasoline

    who can design me a box

    somebody might actually help if you post your dimensions, and what you are looking for.. how many, what kind of subs, ported, sealed, etc...
  6. vingasoline

    HID on a Suzuki Grand Vitara question...

    DRL needs to be disabled.. It should say that in the instructions. Most DRL systems use lower voltage durning the day, and cause flickering of the headlights day or night.. HID's need a constant voltage to charge up the ballasts.. DRL will try to turn the HID's on as soon as you turn the key, and off when you try to start the vehicle, causing them not to turn on all the time.
  7. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    oh yeah, one of the deciding factors for purchasing this sub was the review caraudiomag did on the 12.. RE must have paid for that endorsement.
  8. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    I have Phoenix gold zero point 6/4/1, running off a phoenix gold ms2125. My wife says, "you got subs in the doors?".. So a good set of mids up front isn't the issue here. scenario: so your listening to a mind thrashing song, let's say the bass is hammering down on you at 140db steady, here comes the best part of the song - thunderous kick drum from hell, -- but nothing, only the mids to take up the slack that the expensive beast of a sub can't handle. Seriously, are the mids going to make up for the 140db or even 20db close to what I was just experiencing.. Hell no. I had a alpine dddrive sub. SQ, it played up to 70 no problem.. Kenwood kfcxw1300dvc, no problem, juggernaut- won't play low, but hammers everything else. 2 pg xmax 10's in a bandpass box played everything I threw at it.. SPL Mules- now the second worst subs I have owned, had more frequency response than the 15 xxx. I could go on all day. Bottom line, all the above, affordable, everybody has one subwoofers, outperform the xxx where it matters. What did I pay for? re states "Designed to be the ultimate in sonic performance and output, the XXX SERIES truly is engineered for excess" 20-48 hz is ultimate? Before and after there is NO output. I can fart louder @50hz, than this sub can do at full volume.
  9. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    sq or not. I would at least like the option with this sub.. re should state that it cannot reproduce 50+hz better than a sony xplod. I sent them an email, to ask them to explain this to me.. To me this sub would be perfect for home theatre, where I actuall give a shit about sq. In my car, I want to be rattled at 20hz, and have trouble breathing at 30-40, and then I would like metallica, pantera, slayer, and tool to beat the shit out of me violently above 50hz. My fault anyways, should have done more research.. Oh yeah, and as far as SQ goes. I have yet to find any type of music that sounds good with this sub. I'll be playing something, sounds alright, and then it creeps up to the 50 hz mark and falls on it's ass.. Blame the install, box, power, size of vehicle. I don't care, the only reason i'm bringing it up is so the next guy considering one of these, might find this post and go with something different..
  10. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    I don't really care for spl anymore.. Already lost a lot of hearing from spl comps when I was younger.. My goal was to put in a sub that would play low and sound good for the various music I listen to..
  11. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    It plays lower, and the sound is more even, and no longer overpowers the rest of the system at 40hz.. I don't think I would go back to porting it, and I prefer ported enclosures (until now anyways). @6cubes, it should play a lot louder in the 20-50hz range. I think you would like it. In a ported enclosure, this sub gets a 5db boost at a specific frequency, and drops steadily from there, really not pleasing to listen to.. If you're a bass head, just tune the box to 40hz, and be done with. otherwise sealed is definately the way to go.. I played bass I love you, both ported and sealed.. definately better sealed.. when it hit the lowest frequency, that sub was pumping in and out screamin "you like that *****", rattling the **** out of everything, trying to remove the roof and windows.. 05 trailblazer ext.. Pretty impressive low end.
  12. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    I sealed up the box, and put some stuffing in it.. It violently plays 20-40 some hz, but 50 plus hz is lacking output.. plays, but not loud.. I can live with that.. Maybe i'll cut it off @50, and put in another woofer to play 50 +
  13. vingasoline

    Why do XXXs weigh so much?

    I am going to disagree on the power thing. until I upgraded my alternator, the sub barely moved.
  14. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    Re recommends 2.1 sealed, and I am almost double that.. So If I seal the box and add some stuffing, should that be good? Or should it be even bigger? Power is not an issue, my amp is a beast, and I have the electrical to back it up. I ran the sub through winisd, which I should have done in the first place, and no matter what I did, this sub sucks for ported enclosures.. 4 cubes sealed seemed to have a fairly even frequency response. I guess i'll seal it up properly and try again with the sub pointing in a different direction.. thanks for the replies..
  15. vingasoline

    RE Audio XXX 15 sucks balls.. Why???

    Phoenix gold zero point 6.5s up front.. Before the xxx, I had 2 12" juggernauts, and anything I played sounded awesome, and extremely loud.. Might just put the juggs back in.