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  1. Send me a price for the enclosure.. 95206 zip.

    Honda Wheel Bearing ?

    are the tires cupped? look at the tread pattern to see if there is high/low spots. Is there camber wear? check these things

    Beware - Car Audio Dealers - Amazon Seller

    I'm sorry to hear. There is nothing wrong with trying to find the cheapest gear. I do it all the time .All the **** local stereo shops here in Stockton are all owned by **** Gypsies . The ones that are not, charge 3x what you can get them online for . Most only have Mainstream , I don't do mainstream. They also do the typical bait and switch and pressure you to buy the Koiler/low-end stuff also for 3x what you can get them online for.
  4. I got a new design drawn up for my new subwoofer. I truly do not understand what these graphs mean and would like to understand and learn. Does this say what I am "tuned" to? Please help me learn. Thanks. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  5. I am getting a box designed for a Aurasound RPM plus 12" subwoofer , but I dont have the specs for it. My designer is asking for the displacement , cutout size , etc.. I figure the Force would be very close. Thanks.
  6. I purchased a new set and 1 midbass has a malfunction and is scratchy when on compression or stroke . I am looking to buy 1 midbass , both midbass , or a set if it is cheap . If you possible have some or 1 let me know a price shipped to 95206 CA thanks . Aura 5.1 5" midbass.
  7. Trade for 2 Crossfire cf28 8" subwoofers in original boxes? used for 1 month at nominal wattage.
  8. I am looking for either the 12" or 10" versions in single or pair for my build . Thanks. Aura NS12-513-4A or NS10-513-4A .
  9. I want to do a better front stage and I finally sourced some extra kick panels to hack/cut up whatever, for my components. I have components in the doors already . Is there a recommended site or builder that I can send my kick panels , speaker specs etc. to and have some one off panels made at a reasonable price? I am in California (Stockton) . Thanks.

    Official Old School Collectors Thread

    Here are a few GUT pics of the Concord car-ponent and a weird FAS amp I found in the trunk of my 1965 Mustang when I bought it . These are OLD amps. The fas is 2 channel and is supposed to be 400 watts MONO l@ 4ohms. The concord is 216 watts at 4ohm . [/img]
  11. I have a car I am re-doing to "today's" standard, sort of ,on a " I'm a 35 year old college student with a mortgage and family" budget . I am no guru to say the least , nor do I have extensive knowledge of current car audio parameters and dynamics. I wanted some input and/or advice on my setup . The car is a 1987 Honda CRX SI with 95,000 original miles so I am not cutting or modifying anything that cannot be returned to original specs. It had a old soundstream system from the late 80's era when I bought it from the original owner. The deck was old cdx 90 sony that the panel light is out . , old soundstream amps , soundstream mixed mono x-over , and soundstream exact 5.2 's that I installed later . I like clarity , but I like to shake things up as well . Head unit: I have installed now a Kenwood KDC-X679 with 24 bit DAC and 5V pre-out. I like the unit , but I want something more current and good SQ with possible bluetooth and USB functions etc. Is this a good route or should I stick with what I have . Front components to be installed : Aura sound 5.2 neo radial braxial set . The largest I can fit is a 5.25" driver without modifications. The sound ***** right now with the exacts. If I put a baffle will it help rather than being free? will deadening the area help with sound ? Rear speakers: My CRX has the factory optional rear speaker setup. It is located over the shock towers behind the B-pillars. It can house a 6.5" speaker . I have Aura sound RPM co-axials , but I'm afraid the sound will be overpowered being to near the substage? Should I leave them out of the equation or Baffle / deaden and put midrange drivers in it instead? Amplifier for running the smaller speakers is a Aurasound 3004 specs are 4 x 125 watts into 2 ohms 4 x 85 watts into 4 ohms 2 x 250 watts bridged mono into 4 ohms 0.075% THD @ 1 kHz Subs : 2x sundown sa-8 in a custom enclosure built by Jason /mobileenclosure Sub-amplifier : Aurasound RPM 2300 specs are Power output: 2 x 225 watts into 2 ohms, 2 x 150 watts into 4 ohms, 1 x 450 watts bridged mono into 4 ohms •Total harmonic distortion: 0.5% THD, 20 Hz to 20 kHz at rated output •Signal to noise ratio (S/N): > 85 dB •Input sensitivity: 150 mV~ 5 V (low level), 1.5 V to 25 V (high level) •Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz •Dimensions: 9-1/8" W x 2-1/4" H x 15-5/8" Is this too little amp for the sundowns? Or should I run My infinity 860W 8" instead? I have ran them both , the infinity's are really nice as well. My electrical needs revamping and updated wiring . What gauge is recommended and should I do the "Big three" . I upgrade my battery from a stock 400CCA to a 700CCA is about it . Any advice or constructive criticism is welcome . I want to stick to the Aurasound theme , but If I have to stray a bit I dont mind . Sorry so long , but I'm a NOOB.

    Okay help me out bros

    Just tell her "he may have a W7 , but I have a W 8 1/2" . LOL " . Honestly, post more info up for these guys and they will set you up correct. Very knowledgeable people here . $2000 is a great start..

    FS: Slightly used Fleshlight

    does it come with the optional a-hole tickler attachment? If so I'm interested.

    pre-fab box questions

    I wasted HUNDREDS of dollars on pre-fab because I was never happy with the prior one I bought; thinking the new one would be better. WRONG. . I finally dished out for a custom enclosure and laughed at myself for even buying pre-fabs to begin with . Buy a custom from a builder here and never look back.

    SQ double din suggestions...

    I was running a Avic-f900bt and pretty much hated it. It would take forever to boot up, I would be at the corner store before I could use it. I'm glad you asked this I'm curious as well . It came factory in my 09' scion XB rs6. I wish it did not .