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  1. bigaudiofanati2

    DONE With Pioneer

    Bump anyone
  2. bigaudiofanati2

    Project Black Dragon

    Well friday was a good day. Finally got music back in my car. "been without anything for 5 months" Started installing the Alpine 9887 Ran the 0 gauge wire, Knu is not bad but still prefer my kicker hyperflex but will upgrade that later. Ran a set of speaker wire on each side for 3 way. Right now I am just running passive until I can get my hybrid tweeters and woofers. At least I have audio in my car as of right now.
  3. bigaudiofanati2

    Project Black Dragon

    Here is what I am thinking with the help of my good friend Mike. Alpine 9887 head unit Aura amps running active with Focal 6.5's Hybrid 1 inch tweeters L1 Image Dynamics 1200.1 amp powering 1 or 2 Id Q's
  4. bigaudiofanati2

    Project Black Dragon

    I am deciding on what I want to do with them. But got a set of old school amps, that I have to test them to make sure they work and with this weekend packed it will probably be monday before I get to power them up. Thinking about going with focal polyglass, still not sure. But....let the re install begin.
  5. bigaudiofanati2

    Looking for someone to build me a custom box

    I thought you already had an enclosure done last year? If you want we could do it pm me to talk it over or just im me.
  6. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    Ya I would like to know how so.
  7. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    Just something different but not sure as of yet Mike.
  8. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    Nice work man
  9. bigaudiofanati2

    WTB 2 Channel Amp

    Silent that amp has a small footprint. Still looking
  10. bigaudiofanati2

    4 inch speakers in my mr2..

    You could always do a little customizing and get a nice component set installed. Also PM sent.
  11. bigaudiofanati2

    Alpine CDA9887 vs. Pioneer 880PRS

    After using both of them yes the pioneer has more controls but has more problems. My vote goes to the alpine.
  12. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    Ya I was going to go active with a 2 way but it was a pain just to start playing around with the settings. I do not really feel like haking the door up that much for a bigger woofer. I could probably go with a 7 inch woofers with a bit of modifications.
  13. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    Nice I do not think I will do 8 inch, the models I am looking at the Mmats PRO 641's and the Rainbow CMX 465 Extreme's.
  14. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    Nice, in my civic there is a spot on the door that I will be able to place my mid, the tweeter already has a stock space right where the mirror adjusters would be. What is the setup you are running? How does it compare to a 3 way?
  15. bigaudiofanati2

    3 way setups

    I am toying with the idea of a 3 way front stage. I would like to get some ideas of what can be done. Please post any pics of 3 way setups.