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  1. hey if anyone is looking to trade a 4,000+ watt amp for 2 2500d's, hit me up and let me know
  2. bumpintrunk

    JL 12W6v2 vs Kicker L7?

    i would go with the l7.. way more output and will sound decent in a nice enclosure.. something like 2.95 cb ft tuned to 34hz will sound nice
  3. bumpintrunk

    Type R's or L7's???

    type r's have better low's but l7's are louder IMO
  4. bumpintrunk

    Need a 12" that takes 1000 rms

    dont forget kicker cvx's and l7's
  5. bumpintrunk

    WTB: Cheap pair of 6.5 components

    bump, were them deals at
  6. bumpintrunk

    What is your "showoff" song?

    Gucci Man - Trap house Gucci Man - Vette Pass By Gucci Man - Hold Dat Though Gucci Man & Gorilla Zoe - Money Gucci Man - Big Broke Records My system loves teh Gucci
  7. bumpintrunk

    Pioneer sub ts-w5102SPL pics..it's not a walmart sub...lol

    anyone know where i can get a pair of these so a decent price?
  8. Im looking for a cheap pair of 6.5 components, so let me know what you got!
  9. best price on timbs to 48237
  10. eithe kicker amp would be amazing, kicker has the best amplifier repair that i know off i had a blown kx2500.1 fixed for $80
  11. bumpintrunk

    crashed my car...

    lol i actually read this whole thread, this is some funny shit, i'm not even going to hate though, just learn from your mistakes man
  12. bumpintrunk

    2000-2500wrms @ 1 ohm under $450

    refurbished orion 2500d from ikesound.com is like $390
  13. bumpintrunk

    You tell me what subs to use

    Funk Pups Ftw!!!!
  14. bumpintrunk

    good budget subs

    i've heard all of them and they all can be had for cheap, a pioneer can be had for $90 brand new and it can handle 1,000 watt rms + daily, but like like you said the type r is the loudest
  15. bumpintrunk

    2 Kicker CVX 15's & Fusion 2500d

    regardless though you main power cord is only 4 gauge, just run your some 0 gauge from the back battery to the front