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  1. RNSkipper

    What design looks better?

    I like the first one.
  2. RNSkipper

    recomend me an amp

    No Power Acoustik, if your on a budget go with a Hifonics as suggested.
  3. RNSkipper

    JL Audio T1000.1?

    I have heard some bad reviews about these TMA amps, but who knows?
  4. RNSkipper

    Thinking about discounting the price on reconed e8s

    I needa know what kinda price are we talkin here?
  5. RNSkipper

    Thinking about discounting the price on reconed e8s

    That wouldnt be a bad idea
  6. RNSkipper

    Best subwoofer box ever!!!

    I like how he said either 10 or 12 inch subs would fit.
  7. RNSkipper

    Best subwoofer box ever!!!

    very loud http://detroit.craigslist.org/ele/976919747.html
  8. RNSkipper

    I have been ripped off!!!

    They obviously havent been through Detroit or Flint!
  9. RNSkipper

    WTB 4g amp kit

    Why dont you just make one at Knu? Its pretty cheap.
  10. I think you should go to a hardware store and drop 2 dollars.
  11. They are the best 25 dollar subs you will find, its a good deal for 350.
  12. I think those are speakers on the left bottom, thats a sick setup, should be loud.
  13. RNSkipper

    WTB 12 in. sub

    Winner, and hes a good guy!!
  14. Ehh, not bad for a gift but its defintley budget equipment, IIRC those Hifonics subs are like 25 bucks new, and I actually heard a set, sounded like a turd, but it should get decently loud.
  15. RNSkipper

    picked up a couple more old school monsters today

    Mind if I ask what those set you back>