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  1. Lazlo


    Perfect, thanks for running that. Sounds like a plan 👍. That's exactly what my old box was......but the problem was it wasn't "hidden".🤔
  2. Lazlo


    https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rss315ho-44-12-reference-ho-dvc-subwoofer--295-467 These? Would you really build it only .5 cuft each? That would make things alot easier, just a straight box instead of building to the contours of the trunk.
  3. Lazlo


    I hear you. The few friends I have into car audio are all about dub step and rap. They have setups that are brutally loud but sound like shit. Alpine type Rs in bandpass boxes. More into subs than the rest of the system. I got a lot of shit for spending more on my fronts than anything else. When I put this together in the first place the subs were an afterthought, I wanted an awesome front stage. Now I got a little more to focus on the subs.
  4. Lazlo


    I'm more after the "feel" of the kicks over booming bass. Seems like you're the resident metal head here, I'll follow your recommendation. Anything else I should look at? I don't plan on anything near 3000w, I do have 1/0 running to the trunk and big 3 but stock alt. But for the price and size of the amp, nothing wrong 1500w of headroom, right? What would you tune the box to?
  5. Lazlo

    Bluetooth for old Alpine

    I have an older alpine 9887 HU, and I'm not trying to change it. It sounds great, has great crossover and eq control, just doesn't have bluetooth. I remember there being a bunch of different add on modules. Anybody know if there was a bluetooth and if you could play music over it or just phone?
  6. Lazlo


    This is the idea for the box, except I'll build my own. Their specs are 1.1cuft each. http://subthump.com/Pontiac-Custom-Subwoofer-Boxes-by-Subthump/Pontiac-Firebird-and-Trans-Am-Custom-Subwoofer-Enclosures-by-Subthump/93-02-CamaroFirebird-T-top-Box.html
  7. Lazlo


    Alright so went back to the drawing board and figured some things out. A channel on my 4 channel amp is gone and the 601 just doesn't seem to be enough anymore so redoing all of it. I was surprised how small and cheap amps have gotten and figure I could do the whole back well with t-top storage and not have to worry about an amp rack, just screw them to the box. I'll still only get about 1cuft per sub, sealed since it's on the small side? I am thinking a pair of SSA Demon 10s, Taramps HD 3000, and I'll need a new 4 channel. What's the difference between the HD 3000 and MD 3000? Worth an extra $30? What 4 channel would you recommend, preferrably around 125-150w @ 4ohm. I found some polk 2 channels that seem to fit the size/budget, any opinions on those? Powering focal 165 v2. Will class D amps be good for the fronts, I really only need 1 I guess, the other 2 channels are for the rear speakers. https://www.ebay.com/i/232940992312?chn=ps
  8. Lazlo


    I know guys, same compromise I made when I first put this together. Except now I have a wife and 2 kids. Now, the past box wasn't ideal, I got 1.5cuft IF I want it shown, I don't anymore. Like I said I had 2 tens, I always regretted going cheap on the subs, but maybe it was the box. So a higher end sub, getting the power of both of them in a small box will definitely NOT give me what I had before? What if it was 1 12, assuming I build another box for the deck? I'm not loading the whole trunk, t-tops, cargo, getting to the spare, same reasons I didn't do it then.
  9. Lazlo


    Number of subs preferred: 1 Size preferred (if configuration allows): 10" Budget: lower, but negotiable, more value than price Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): JBL GTO 601.1 580rms@2ohm Space available (take measurements, do not guess): camaro stealth box .6cuft Goals: Replace stolen kicker cvr 10s Listening habits: Metal/hard rock Preferred brands/subs/whatever: none, space/specs biggest concern Been out of the game awhile, about 10 years ago I used this site alot to put together a modest system in my 98 camaro. Focal seperates up front, coaxs in sails, kicker cvr10s in sealed box on back deck(I think .75cuft each), JBL GTO amps 75.4 and 601.1. Recently just the subs and box were stolen, I'd like to replace them. I've never had any complaints, but not blown away either. I'd like to go with a stealth box this time and get the subs out of the big window, kind of surprised it took this long for someone to take them. Problem is the very limited space in the small steath box. I don't need to be heard down the road, I do like some punch, feeling the kicks. So what's new in the game, old favorites that are still around? The RE SE10 was the go to back then, but they look way different now, still good?