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    I know guys, same compromise I made when I first put this together. Except now I have a wife and 2 kids. Now, the past box wasn't ideal, I got 1.5cuft IF I want it shown, I don't anymore. Like I said I had 2 tens, I always regretted going cheap on the subs, but maybe it was the box. So a higher end sub, getting the power of both of them in a small box will definitely NOT give me what I had before? What if it was 1 12, assuming I build another box for the deck? I'm not loading the whole trunk, t-tops, cargo, getting to the spare, same reasons I didn't do it then.
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    Number of subs preferred: 1 Size preferred (if configuration allows): 10" Budget: lower, but negotiable, more value than price Power to be used (which amp(s), include which resistance): JBL GTO 601.1 580rms@2ohm Space available (take measurements, do not guess): camaro stealth box .6cuft Goals: Replace stolen kicker cvr 10s Listening habits: Metal/hard rock Preferred brands/subs/whatever: none, space/specs biggest concern Been out of the game awhile, about 10 years ago I used this site alot to put together a modest system in my 98 camaro. Focal seperates up front, coaxs in sails, kicker cvr10s in sealed box on back deck(I think .75cuft each), JBL GTO amps 75.4 and 601.1. Recently just the subs and box were stolen, I'd like to replace them. I've never had any complaints, but not blown away either. I'd like to go with a stealth box this time and get the subs out of the big window, kind of surprised it took this long for someone to take them. Problem is the very limited space in the small steath box. I don't need to be heard down the road, I do like some punch, feeling the kicks. So what's new in the game, old favorites that are still around? The RE SE10 was the go to back then, but they look way different now, still good?