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  1. jerseyboy

    front stage issues with 2 sa 15's

    For a big sub set up like that you'll need more of a PA driver. Something with a sensativuty in the mid to high 90's and maybe even a super tweeter. If possible to make your doors fit an 8" driver would be even better.
  2. Sound deadener showdown for sure!! Don is a cool *** dude!
  3. jerseyboy

    Want ****** minds!!! 6.5/6.75 Help and 5.25help??

    I can vouch for the silver flutes! They sound good and mid bass is amazing on them! At least on the 8's
  4. How does that pioneer combo work? How many channels can it control? Does it allow active processing?
  5. jerseyboy

    Small Subs

    1 8" DC/Sundown sub on a few hundred watts and you'll be good! Save more space and go sealed if you're. It looking for that real low end rumble!
  6. jerseyboy

    Thoughts on skar audio amps

    Older Skar amps (when he first started company) were comparable to Sundown (I think same boards if I'm not mistaken) I had a few Skar amps and subs and spoke to Kevin directly with no issues at all. I remember he had a deal with a purchase of subs you get an enclosure as well. He did right by me on my dealings with him. I don't know how the amps are now though.
  7. jerseyboy

    Build box inside door

    I think the question (at least from how I understood it) was if it's possible to build a legit enclosure like you would for a sub on your door? I've seen some ppl have their doors ported like a ported enclosure. So if you meant it in that manner-- then yes it's possible
  8. Product I'm looking for: DC power 90.4 Deciding on D.C. 3.5 or 5k DC level 4 or XL 12" x 2 XS 1/0 & 4g wire XS group 48 battery Sound deadener Budget: Let me know Condition: Good working condition without any major blemishes