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  1. Cabin_Pressure

    Hi everyone!!!

  2. Cabin_Pressure

    I'm Back in the Mosh Pit again!

    use for a 2.5 Farad cap = pretty blue lights
  3. Cabin_Pressure

    So, uh..... Anyone got a Manhattan One laying around?

    Should go to 113 on the reader service card and see what it says.
  4. Cabin_Pressure

    Old School Amps

    And L_CRX only takes pictures of his amps..................he doesn't install them. So if KINDA fits?
  5. Cabin_Pressure

    Spool of 12g?

    If you are talking about the stuff in your thread, it's low-strand count, structure wiring.
  6. Cabin_Pressure

    I'm Back in the Mosh Pit again!

    So why you have a 2.5 Farad cap? What EXACTLY do they do?
  7. Cabin_Pressure

    Wow, I didnt know I was selling an amp on ebay

  8. Cabin_Pressure

    I am New

    It transfers current and voltage.
  9. Cabin_Pressure

    Sell Johnny Drama any of the following

    Hifonics Series VII Gemini 50x4@4ohms Hifonics Series VII Zeus 900x1@4ohms $500/shipped for the pair
  10. Cabin_Pressure

    Bylaw "noise violation" ticket - 1 day later.... ?

    Peanut butter alert? WTF is a goddam Peter Pan peanut butter alert?!
  11. Cabin_Pressure

    16 volt help

    Never kept up with his drama. Dom was an azz anyway. I had one a few years back and it was garbage. I use DCPower. Any decent alt builder can mod it for him. Actually any decent local winding shop could most likely do it. Any particular reason you put part of my statement in bold? Do you have an issue with it? Maybe you are just being a prick? If so take it to the dome because you are just post-dumping where it's not allowed. And i didn't see YOU stepping in to offer him any help until you dumped on my post.
  12. Cabin_Pressure

    16 volt help

    Send your alt back and have it modded to external adjustable regulator. Then use a step down module to feed the vehicle electrical from the modded alt and run the sub amp off the 16v battery bank(fed direct from alt). I'm sure you know you have to have 16V batteries right? Or did you think it was just a matter of having an alt that charged at 16V? A 16V set-up charges at~18-18.5V, so you won't be able to have that voltage run through the vehicles electronics/wiring and 12v batteries cannot be charged at that voltage level.
  13. Cabin_Pressure

    I have searched and am stuck.

    Where did i say underpowering a speaker will hurt it? Read the FIRST statement of my post. I was going to mention clipping but i saw it was being discussed, so i said NVM. And driving a car BELOW the speed limit doesn't hurt it either. Towing LESS than your hitch capacity it OK too.
  14. Cabin_Pressure

    I have searched and am stuck.

    Underpowering a sub doesn't hurt it at all.....................? Ahh, see you're talking about clipping...............NVM
  15. Cabin_Pressure

    What would be louder?

    L7- 15" ~1000RMS each. X - 18" ~2500RMS each. You decide. And the EXACT specs could easily be searched on the Kicker site.