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  1. orionman825

    wat do i need to run an extra battery in the backseat?

    wow thanks. i thought i needed more. so just run a 1 awg wire from stock + terminal to new battery + terminal, then same wire to amp? then put a wire from negative terminal on battery to chassis?
  2. i have never used an extra battery but i got a bit of a bigger amp now and i want to make sure it has plenty of power. i have no idea what i need besides a battery. also which battery would be the best to use?
  3. thanks everybody... actually when i turn the key to start it, it just clicks once like it wants to but won't pissin me off lol
  4. ??? my car tries to turn over and my dad thinks it is the battery does not have enough of a charge to turn over the motor. any ideas?? we tried jumping the car and still the same thing...so i have no idea. the radio is still able to play loud and all the lights and headlights work fine. i dont know wat to do. helppp:confused:
  5. **** i really dont wanna go through with the hassle of returns. hopefully the guy that makes and sells the sub would sell the me the one i asked to run on 1 ohm stable.. hope it works if i just wire it normal like they are one 2 ohm vc's. i think that when he told me it was a dual 1 ohm sub that it was a dual 2 that would run at 1. i hope.
  6. ok so i have already started the enclosure for 18 WMD by pierce audio. i was just curious to see if anyone else has this sub and knows if these meausurements will be okay and the sub will not bottom out. ok so the box is 3.7 cubes and is going to be ported at 35 hz. measurements: height: 13.5" width: 31.5 depth: 23.5 port opening size: 3" thanks
  7. ok so i finally got my WMD 18 and i told the seller guy that i was planning on runnning it at 1k watts on my rockford p1000-1bd amp at 1 ohm and so he sent me the dual 1 ohm version. at least thats wat he said. so how exactly do i wire the vc's? any pics? diagrams? thanks Tom
  8. orionman825

    Best amp for WMD 18"

    so should i go with like a hifonics 1600 or 2000 watt amp?
  9. orionman825

    Best amp for WMD 18"

    I just bought a Pierce Audio WMD 18" Sub and I have it in a 5.85 ft3 box tuned to 35hz. I have a Rockford P1000-1bd amp I am running it on but i know it wants more power. Im thinking something around 1200 to 1500 watts..Im just concerned about pushing the limits of the sub in such a big ported box. Can you help me with some recommendations? Thanks Tom:)
  10. orionman825

    What do you think about a PAP WMD 18?

    im hopin to finally slap some lows with this one
  11. orionman825

    What do you think about a PAP WMD 18?

    i just bought a pierce audio products WMD 18" woofer..im just wondering if anyone has already had this woofer and what they tuned their ported enclosure to. im going with 35hz in 5.85 ft3 what do u think?
  12. orionman825

    A better 15" sub

    id go with an 18" WMD by pierce audio for $175
  13. orionman825

    WMD18 box preferences

    tuned to 30hz? im trying to do this on the re audio box calculator before i make any cuts
  14. orionman825

    WMD18 box preferences

    thank you very much penn
  15. orionman825

    WMD18 box preferences

    i have a gift of building not designing i just know how to put them together well