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  1. F*ck it. I'll give it a shot.
  2. I actually found this one that meets the specs I was asking about. Taramps DS800x2 2 Ohms But still, I can't find too many reviews or experiences with them, only 4 so far.
  3. I honestly hadn't heard of Taramps till now. However...I'm not that convinced. Who's got any durable information and experience on them? I doubt an amp that says it can put out 400 watts RMS into 2 channels at 2 ohms and costs only $130 on ebay can be that legit...
  4. Looking for a 2 channel amp B/D or D that can put 400 watts RMS per channel into 2 ohms. Toss out your suggestions.
  5. I'm driving a 2014 Chevy Tahoe. I was thinking about doing a battery isolator, but that doesn't seem to be feasible with that computer.
  6. Hey folks. I have an issue: I don't see how I am gonna be able to adequately power my system with an alternator that is computer controlled and switches on and off based on the charging level of the primary battery. It won't sense the levels of the accessory battery and kick on, and there's no part that I have seen that will force the issue to charge the second battery. Any ideas?
  7. What's the difference between the AVH 600EX and the 601 EX? I can't find anything.
  8. I would, but the footprint is too big for where I want to mount it. The 800-4 is 12" wide, I think. It can't be more than 9".
  9. Looking to buy a RF T600-2 and a T600-4. Preferably not the newer stuff. Just putting some feelers out.
  10. I know it's not an amp, but I didnt want to break the flow.
  11. I probably will end up selling it after I get it bench tested. Anyone know someone in San Antonio with a Dyno?
  12. Gutting my trailblazer of its gear. Here's round 1
  13. Just for shits, I'm gonna throw another variable to argue: For those of us that indeed don't really have the ear of the gods, is there a discernible difference between class d 4-channel amp and the stereotypical class a/b? Is there there a decent class d 4 channel amp that can do what an a/b can? Does the same argument from above in regards to amplifying signal apply here?