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  1. dude just get a chilton manual, they're great for future problems like this
  2. ozzy87

    Sundown SAZ 1500 amplifier

    any refs?
  3. ozzy87

    What Amp should i get for my DB DRIVE SUBS?

    theyre 2k watts a piece and unless you got some great electrical no sense in recommending an amp
  4. ozzy87

    Will do math HW for $$$

    do you show your work?
  5. well that's basically what she wants it for, to look pretty. don't see the need in buying a quality unit for factory speakers lol
  6. 180 and don't care really, just has to work. only buying new. need usb port. it's just factory replacement, factory speakers, etc
  7. eh i'm talkin cheap cheap like the pa, boss, lanzar, etc. just as a factory replacement of course
  8. Mainly needed as a factory replacement for my old lady, are they even decent? u know the type power acoustik, lanzar, boss etc
  9. ozzy87

    Old School Ground Zero Nuclear 15

    best price to 42066? ---------- Post added at 02:06 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:06 AM ---------- that's for one, don't want both
  10. JVC Arsenal KD-AHD79 CD receiver at Crutchfield.com i'm considering this one
  11. eh idk 150 bucks, preferably cheaper