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  1. KyleBechtold

    Finally got fosgate tweets, Huge! Pics

    they will be even harsher/louder off the glass and reflect badly
  2. KyleBechtold

    tweeter help

    you have the xs28 tweeters? I like mine a lot.. they are perfectly off axis though
  3. KyleBechtold

    Time to make some Popcorn

    I am saying that is a lot for those two batteries.. how do you plan to wire it?
  4. KyleBechtold

    Time to make some Popcorn

    good luck.. 4k is a lot for those.. it really depends on how you play your system
  5. KyleBechtold

    Good new 6.5" comps for around $300

    until the last requirement I would have recommended XS65s.. sonic Electronix had em on sale for the mids for 160 a while back.. the tweets were 80 so 240 for a GREAT set
  6. KyleBechtold

    AA Mayhem 18" D2

    have a triple slug btl d2 needing a recone.. very similar
  7. KyleBechtold

    Cadence S2W8

    ya I have 4 of the SA-8s at .5 on a saz3k.. love em. Not as loud as I would like but still good
  8. if you use mdf make sure you soak them in stain after cutting and drilling holes otherwise they will swell up and rot
  9. KyleBechtold

    Fs: Xs-x image dynamics 2-way crossovers

    they are only used for the tweeters so this will be a hard sale.
  10. KyleBechtold

    Cadence S2W8

    I would guess rise to be to 1.5-2 so about 3/4-1/2 that power.
  11. KyleBechtold

    external hard drive help

    I have always used just my IPOD or dvd for movies in my truck.. You can contact the manufacturer and ask if the usb will accept video and if so what to call the folder to access it. Mine also has an SD slot which I haven't tried..
  12. KyleBechtold

    Cadence S2W8

    well that would answer why they took the power they did.. not to mention he is assuming the subs are actually seeing that power
  13. KyleBechtold

    external hard drive help

    how many movies are you trying to watch that you need an external in your car? I have used mine ONE time..
  14. KyleBechtold

    is there a substitute for 0 gauge wire?

    5623 strands of wire tightly packed into a case of some sort
  15. KyleBechtold

    So is it cool now

    I don't think most of the people in this thread A. Know of mlstrass which is why people aren't listening to him. B. Have heard more than their buddy down the blocks system with PA or maybe never heard any at all minus some hood rat driving by C. even experimented with them they are HUGE in Florida.. that being said they have been around for quite some time now and LOTS of people have figured them out and making them sound great and getting louder than car audio speakers could imagine.. I used to be in the same boat of oh they sound awful and couldn't EVER sound good.. Until I started hearing some people who have BEEN doing it for a while..