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  1. I tried to send number but it says your box is full
  2. I am really happy with the Diamond D6 subs. I have tried every type of music out there and they remain accurate and clean.
  3. They are really small boxes and can be stacked to one side or removed easily. I am considering to remove the small section of the rear seat and install my 12's in that area. I had a Probox upfire with two DD 10's and I never did like the sound of it. The Diamond Audio D6 subs sound 100% better then the DD subs. The D6 subs are very accurate and get loud if needed. I would like to see pics of your install
  4. subfrontier

    DISTORTION at high volume!!!!

    Time to upgrade the amp(s) I suppose. Good luck, hope you get it sounding better.
  5. subfrontier

    DISTORTION at high volume!!!!

    Check make sure the polarity is correct on the 6x9 speakers. If the bass sounds better with just one you make have the wires backwards.
  6. more pics of box, looks good from what I can see
  7. Do you plan on keeping the factory radio or replace it? I am sure for subs a single 10 or single 12 would work really well in there. Do you have any brand preference?
  8. The build was posted before but I have not updated it in quite sometime.
  9. I made some changes to the system in my truck. I plan on upgrading the door speakers at a later date. Alpine 9887 Lunar L450 on Boston Acoustics SX60's Lunar L1500 on 2- Diamond Audio D6 12's
  10. subfrontier

    Windstar build/ DD 9518's

    update I may have the van back this weekend , Hopefully
  11. subfrontier

    Windstar build/ DD 9518's

    thanks for the reply unfortunately I had to remove everything from my van tonight. My transmission went out and I did not want to leave anything in there while it was at the shop. I will post some videos when it is back together.