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  1. Ben is one of my best buddies and a team mate. Very good build quality, you will definitely be happy Post up the design you got
  2. jshak07

    Mojo Box Build

    I am buildin a box for a kid for (2) 15" Memphis Mojos. All he knows about them is they are the new black ones. Anyone have any experience with these. i dont know what size box these like because I have never played with them. He is running an Audiopipe 3k to them. I was thinking about 6.5 cubes slot ported to 36 hz. Opinions?
  3. Skil Router Jasper Jig 1/4 collet THe bit is long enough to cut thru 1.5 inch but heard its not best to cut both baffles at once? Is it cool to set the bit at a little over 1.5" and go at it or should I cut one baffle at a time?
  4. jshak07

    Old School Orion

    u want..?
  5. jshak07

    Old School Orion

    I think its $1200 for everything you see or $400 for (1) sub-amp combo
  6. jshak07

    Old School Orion

    worth flippin?
  7. jshak07

    Old School Orion

    http://louisville.craigslist.org/ele/1485244640.html Anybody like these?
  8. jshak07

    2nd Gen Explorer Sub/Port Placement

    he is an ext cab truck guy tho, Bud used to be on his team and had an expo so ben told me the secrets he knew from him but he ran totally different equipment/install. Tubes instead of a box
  9. jshak07

    2nd Gen Explorer Sub/Port Placement

    Lakota(ben) is one of my good friends lol we are on the same team and live in the same part of town
  10. jshak07

    2nd Gen Explorer Sub/Port Placement

    I may try it one day but I dont think subs back does well on the meter at all at the headrest
  11. jshak07

    Good alternative to Sundown??? 2000w rms

  12. jshak07

    2nd Gen Explorer Sub/Port Placement

    Yea its on mecas site as well just wanted to see what people over here thot. ALot more traffic here
  13. I am lookin to run (2) 12"s and wanted to know what you all have had best results at the head with with this sort of setup