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  1. modskwod

    why is this so expensive?

    VilleAudio is right. r0llinlacs is wrong. Nuff said.
  2. modskwod

    FS: Custom Chevy Truck Console

    Looks nice! I think it might fit in second gen Blazers too, because the interior of the car pictured looks exactly like the inside of my '96 blazer. GLWS
  3. modskwod

    JBC Subwoofer & Enclosure - Pictures!

    I totally thought you had a typo in the title and meant JVC lol. Looking good.
  4. modskwod

    How do you become a mod here?

    Actually, he does.
  5. modskwod

    custom 1 of a kind psi 15

    I don't think that's a neo, iirc PSI used an older audiobahn(?) ferrite motor that had columns like that
  6. I guess no one wants it now that the PS network is down... Good luck with the sale regardless!
  7. modskwod

    Rubber instead of foam?

    Using a rubber surround will lower the FS by adding more mass, which also increases MMS (moving mass) and could change the CMS (Suspension compliance) depending upon how stiff the foam was compared to the new rubber surround.
  8. modskwod

    How are these MIDS?

    I think basscort is looking for rip-your-ears-off loud, not necessarily really good sound.
  9. modskwod

    Carbon Fiber Enclosure

    Yes. I know someone on fiberglassforums did it with a pair of JL 8's. I think he said his box was 1/2 inch thick? I looked for a good 20 minutes and couldn't find the exact thread though... It would be freaking expensive though. You'd probably be better off making a fiberglass box and skinning it with CF
  10. modskwod

    Infrasound makes you depressed?

    Nah you're fine, it's 18.9 that causes those sensations
  11. modskwod

    Mach 5 'Underground' 12???

    Here's some info.
  12. No, that's the name, a TC OEM 10". IDK what the deal was, but TC made a bunch of them for some company that backed out so they sold them cheap iirc
  13. modskwod

    what was your first setup?

    An AQ Street Duty 8 and a blaupunkt 2-channel bridged on sub duty and some pierce audio components on a kenwood HU