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  1. sexiewasd

    8" that can take crazy abuse

    I'm not saying that more displacement isn't better, but that getting it with a larger cone is easier, cheaper, and can be more reliable that attempting to get it with excursion alone. An 8 inch driver with 16mm xmax gets 1037.7cc of displacement and a 12 driver with half the excursion still has more displacement with 1167.5cc. All I'm tring to say is that the op shouldn't be trying to find a monster 8 if he can fit a 12, and the shallow 12 that I linked to should fit. Now if he can fit a ported box for say Sundown's 6.5 sub firing out vs the 12 firing up, then i'll change my stance because of the port.
  2. sexiewasd

    8" that can take crazy abuse

    Yup, and i'd take a larger cone area with less excursion over a smaller cone that trys to make up for it with huge excursion.
  3. sexiewasd

    8" that can take crazy abuse

    I'd take surface area over excursion anyday. STEALTH-124 | Soundstream You can't have much low bass in your situation. The lower you try to go the more output you will lose. I'd aim for slow rolloff around 40hz sealed or 35hz rolloff ported for more output than sealed if you can manage 2sq'
  4. sexiewasd

    8" that can take crazy abuse

    All it really takes is a ridiculously large box, but at that point why not go larger anyways, unless power is an issue.
  5. sexiewasd

    Subwoofer Hatchback Upgrade

    $500 isn't a lot to upgrade with, if you can find the T/S parameters for the drivers you could build a nice ported box for them. Mdf is cheap. Then throw these things on top for the rest of the system. https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/c-dsp-6x8 ST4.1000D - Soundstream 4-Channel 1000W Max Class-D Amplifier That will allow you to go fully active up front and get a bit more out of the stock speakers, which aren't bad imo, and very cleanly integrate the sound from the ported box. If you want later you can get a larger 4 channel amp and components up front, and move this amp to the rear going fully active on all speakers.
  6. sexiewasd

    2500w in smaller enclosure suggestion?

    TC Sounds LMS-R 12" DVC Subwoofer Not quite up there in power, they are underrated so expect it to handle between 1200-1500rms, but the fs and vas are where you want them.
  7. sexiewasd

    Subs keep blowing - Why?

    Good bass for hard rock is actually pretty easy to get. For bass drums you really don't need to go below 40hz, in fact most PA subs don't do well below 40hz anyway. 40hz-80hz is what you need, and peak cabin gain for most cars falls between 50hz and 70hz, so a bandpass box tuned around there would be great for that while keeping it reasonably small. Hard rock needs really good midrange (not so much midbass) speakers up front, and decent tweeters. I personally favor tapped horns, but they take up a lot of room, so not sure if thats your thing, but they give amazing sound for rock music.
  8. sexiewasd

    Subs keep blowing - Why?

    Ok first step if your considering ported is to get a RTA app for your phone. Take your sub in the sealed box outside off the ground away from any walls and play pink noise at low volume and take a screenshot with the RTA app about the same distance away as it will be in the car, then put it back in your car and do the same at the same volume from the driver's seat. The difference between the two readings is your cabin gain. You can use that information to decide how you want the ported box tuned. You can tune it to the peak frequency for maximum volume, or tuned to flatten the frequency response. The RTA app can also help you to find the best position for the sub in your car.
  9. sexiewasd

    Subs keep blowing - Why?

    It's worth checking that your not getting DC output through the sub. Measure dc voltage at the output with the headunit and amp turned on with no music playing.
  10. sexiewasd

    really small subwoofers!

    I wasn't serious about her dumping me, she's actually an audio engineer, although the W.A.F. On this build is rather low. not turning it up is a real problem, I am an addict.
  11. sexiewasd

    really small subwoofers!

    Yea, his name was Garrett, lost him quite a few years ago.
  12. sexiewasd

    really small subwoofers!

    Actually i designed it for one, but after testing it and finding that it would get me in trouble I decided why not go all the way and see how loud i could get it. I looked at the ssa's that was the best that i could find before asking here, they have a very nice price too.
  13. sexiewasd

    Pioneer TS-W2504spl

    For $40 heck yea it's worth it. If you can find the T/S parameters for it, or know someone with a DATS that can measure it. If not it's still a good price, but you will be limited in what you can build for a box for it. It's going to be underwhelming in a sealed box for sure, but Pioneer for all of their faults have high build quality for the price.
  14. sexiewasd

    really small subwoofers!

    So I just made a 25hz tapped horn subwoofer with two Audiopulse (TC Sounds) Revo 10's that I've had forever now. This was for my home, but as it turns out that is way way way too much even at under 200w a piece, I just can't have it inside or I will invite an angry pitchfork wielding horde to my door, and my girlfriend will dump me. I need something much smaller, but I want to play with making another tapped horn, or maybe a tapped TL. The revo's do well in a horn for several reasons and I need to find those qualities in much smaller drivers, but I'm having a hard time doing that. Things I need and or want in order of importance: (needs) #1 : small #2 : very stiff cone (titanium, aluminum, carbon/kevlar) #3 : very stiff suspension (think IB stiff) #4 : fs no higher than 45hz lower is much better (but physics and stuff) #5 : more power is better!!! (200w-ish) (wants) #1 : not super expensive #2 : attractive butt (shiny is a plus) I know this isn't for car audio, but home/pro audio just don't make drivers like this, the best you can find are tang band drivers at 50w rms. I've been out of the game for a while now and I don't know what there is available. The last time that I went looking for drivers Fi was the new hot thing, and also TC Sounds was a thing, that you could actually buy any ideas? There must be some decent high power door drivers with super stiff cones.
  15. sexiewasd

    TC Sound Epic 8

    ^ This, and ported you probably won't either with that sub, although it should sound fantastic sealed your not going to get the Level part of SQL or 20hz in any meaningful way, and yea your port would be pretty ridiculous. I was really impressed with the the sound I was getting from my revos in a t-line and I think the epic 8" would do really well in one, as well as being a more practical size. It would still take up a lot of trunk space, but the port and speaker should still be able to fit the opening in the seats. I think that if a t-line is too big for your tastes you should give up on getting down to 20hz and just focus on SQ.