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  1. anj46907

    trade between IAD-Zak and moler1129

    You guys refer to Zaks FLSpl as if it's past tense... He was perma banned for being a flamer
  2. i thought about the bondo but someone said it may not react good with florida weather. gotta remember it rains like a SOB and is blistering hot down here
  3. any ideas for fixing?
  4. anj46907

    Complete System Install Cost?

    where at in florida are you?
  5. anj46907

    powerbass amps

    ive had several runs with the PB XA-4000D and they definetly do the power they say. i ran this amp down to .75 and barely ever got warm on me
  6. lol i im'ed you on flspl
  7. disconnect the sub, set it down on a flat surface and check each coil individually. if you are wiring it correctly theres a good chance one of the coils could be bad.
  8. have you got the infamous crack yet? if so any ideas on the replacement/fix for it. i have thought about doing the 4th gen hatch. wanting to know if anyone has tried it or know anyone that has. 3rd gen 4th gen
  9. anj46907

    I only get sound when pushing on the cone of my mid

    speaker is more then likely toasted, only thing to do is replace it.
  10. anj46907

    WTB: IPHONE 3g or 3gs

    sorry to thread dump but im looking for this as well
  11. anj46907

    Some forum issues...

    not trolling.. im dead serious.. i seen people do it before............ish is crazy
  12. anj46907

    a lot of negative discharge...?

    lick the magic blue powder. what kind of batt is it?
  13. anj46907

    WTB: HU, Wires, Subs, Amp

    we got about a 1,000 dash kits laying around the shop. what kind of car?