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  1. The problem with spraying on a coating is the second you put the screw into the wood you expose a hole, trust me, moisture will get in. Many home depots now carry 1/2" PVC sheet, this is a good choice.
  2. Added some standoffs for the beauty panel: Box in position: Subs loaded up!
  3. Thank you! This one turned out cool.
  4. Hmm to do template work on the front or not....
  5. Would appreciate that thanks. Also I made a mid/tweeter pod already. Check it out here: Thanks for watching! Glad you enjoy learning the stuff we teach! Thanks for watching, any help you can give slamming that like button is appreciated!
  6. The cost for materials was about $7.00. I also had about 2.5 hours of design time into this which is technically a "cost" as well. Watch the video, I talk about how rigid it is. Hard to say on a full size box, I would love to have access to a larger printer. Point is 3D printers of this size were more than $5K 5 years ago. Now they are less than $1K. I am hoping the larger printers follow the same path. There is rumored to be a 36x36x36 machine for under 10K later this year. ---------- Post added at 08:18 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:18 AM ---------- Some day!
  7. Haha thanks. It was fun. Everything smells like wood now!
  8. Building a quick box for an Alpine Type R 10" in a WRX. Not quite finished yet, more to come but here is the progress so far!
  9. I recently got a new 3D printer. A couple weeks ago I posted about how I made a ported enclosure for a subwoofer using the printer. I wanted to give it another shot... this time printing a 2:1 ration 4th order bandpass. Overall it was a fun little proof of concept project. There was some air leakage around the edge of the plexiglass. If I were to do it again I would design the box to have more of a flange that could be used for sealing. Also I would probably want to print the top of the enclosure as well. I made it out of plexi so everyone could see the inner workings. It will be exciting to see what 3D printing has in store for the future of car audio.
  10. Time for another new video! In this video I "sound deaden" the interior! I use CLD, MLV and CCF from Second Skin. Check it out!