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  1. bumpingp19

    TC3K101 Feedback

    Great guy to work with, just bought a cd player off of him, Fast shipping, Great communication. Awesome seller, thanks again man.
  2. I am going to double baffle the top of my box probably have the subs top/trunk lid firing and have the subs recessed. Put a sleeve in the boxes slide them together, and glue and carpet it in the trunk. But still cant figure out where to fire the port and or slotted or aero.....
  3. ^^^^^^ This is why I am redoing mine with 2 layers of RAAMmat throughout the trunk. My sealed 15's vibrate the shi!t out of it, let alone 2 nightshades ported.
  4. I am running 2 sealed 15's right now, but will be switching to ported. Without doing metal work aroung the backseat I will be forced to have my sundowns rear firing or top firing towards the trunk. I am trying to figure out where to fire the port also..... You will be able to fit 2 15's in there ported, but will have to build the box in the trunk or build a 2 piece box the seal it up in the trunk.
  5. I am contemplating the same thing, and am completely rebuilding my system soon too. I have a 98 gtp. I am likely going to build a 2 piece box since our trunk openings are so small. I will be putting 2 15" nightshades in mine. I am thinking about rear facing with aero's through the passthrough (still deciding). And pulling the back seat and putting another set of buckets in the back. But have to wait for it to warm up as I am sound deadening everything and its cold here.