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  1. Is this dumb shit still going on, for fucks sake man.....
  2. So hit the report button.....
  3. Annnarbor84

    what does it take to get 150dB @ 25Hz?

    I agree, which is why I do not understand why someone would want to tune that low. Deff makes for a 1 dimensional system...
  4. Annnarbor84

    what does it take to get 150dB @ 25Hz?

    Whats this obsession with low tuning??? It's not loud, and all it does is destroy shit in the vehicle???? I have yet to see anyone bail out of a low tuned vehicle, but have seen a couple people throw up. While sitting in a vehicle tuned to 38hz.......Just my opinion, save the low tuning for home theater.......
  5. Annnarbor84

    Just ordered a new sub!

    Audiopipe makes very solid equipment for the money. The reason people hate is because they can not wrap their mind around the fact you can get quality for the cheap. People are used to paying $800 for a 3k amp and $300+ for a decent sub. That right there is lol......... My teammate is doing a 160 with Audiopipe amps, so yeah.........
  6. Annnarbor84

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

  7. Annnarbor84

    1/0 screw terminals?

    Yep, like I said great tool. Deff worth owning....
  8. Annnarbor84

    1/0 screw terminals?

    Here you go, save and get this. You can use on various sizes of wire. I love mine, and would never waste my time soldering again...... 8 TON HYDRAULIC ELECTRIC WIRE CABLE CRIMPING CRIMPER - eBay (item 250506888778 end time Feb-22-11 15:54:52 PST)
  9. Annnarbor84

    1/0 screw terminals?

    Yes they can, they are just more expensive.....
  10. Annnarbor84

    Milling a sub motor

    If op gets maimed please upload photos here, of said carnage......
  11. Nice job on your buddies system, nice numbers!!
  12. Annnarbor84

    9515rob Winter Rebuild

    Shit's deff expensive!!