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  1. Please text me 502-649-6005
  2. dbeez

    Looking for MEMBER (528hz)

    The screw theough the roof wasnt done when snoop had it the roof brace should have had adhesive put on top of it then pressed against the roof and let ait til it cured it would jave held peefect but i just have alot of work to het all issues fixed it has went through alot.
  3. dbeez

    Looking for MEMBER (528hz)

    Yes i have recovered dans jeep i could find any 2 warlords and put them in but his warlords hold a much more significant value to me and to fund them and put them back would be love. The jerp has suffered and needs floorpsn on passenger side as well as rockers replaced a screw was put through a roof brace well it sticks completely out of the roof now.
  4. Its pretty similar its in ok shape needs rockers and a passenger floorpan. It will be all done soon i hope i want it to be right and live forever.
  5. Anyone that can help i now have the jeep.
  6. He bought one of snoopdans warlord 5k's any help getting in touch with him would be appreciated.
  7. I will be acquiring his jeep amd would love to return them to the jeep as he had them
  8. I am lookong to buy back snoopdans adassa warlord 5k's he had 2 i would like to verify they were his if you can help me backtrack their ownership i want to put them back in his jeep
  9. dbeez

    WTB 2.5k Amp

    Aa200.1? Maybe
  10. dbeez

    Amp for 2- Dual 2 Ohm X-12s

    Shoot me a text 502-649-6005
  11. dbeez

    Looking to buy an amplifier.

    If still looking I have a taramps hd8k 2 ohm version for $650
  12. dbeez

    Amp for 2- Dual 2 Ohm X-12s

    I have a taramps hd8k 2 ohm version for $650 shipped would do nicely on them
  13. dbeez

    WTB: CDT HD 690CF 6x9s

    Shoot me a text 502-649-6005
  14. You got a budget here might be able to get you in some nice gear.