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  1. BigMoneyTT

    TC3K101 Feedback

    I made a trade with him a got a sub that didn't work right when it got to the other side of the country here in FL. He was very understanding and cooperative, and paid to have the sub reconed. Great guy. Thanks!
  2. BigMoneyTT

    Zueslicious a++ seller

    Great seller! Would do business with again for sure. Thanks again for the Orion parts!
  3. BigMoneyTT

    WTB: SPL geared motors

    How bout a Shocker Sig motor? I don't know if it will fit that basket, but it already has a 12 spoke 12" basket attached anyway.
  4. BigMoneyTT

    alternator whine/noise

    I agree it probably is the head unit. I had the exact same symptoms a few months back and I have a Pioneer also. The way I figured out it was the CD player was I found a buddy who also had a Pioneer and hooked his up to my harness and the noise was gone. It's worth a try to isolate the problem. I laughed when I saw the Audio Addiction comment. I'm also from J-ville and I've been there quite a few times... they have excellent prices but some of the worst installation practices I have ever seen! When I had them put in my speakers once I was missing most of the screws in the door panel. Never again lol
  5. BigMoneyTT

    JL 500\1 or Hifonics BXi 1608D

    Definitely get the JL at that price! If you change your mind later you could easily sell that at a profit. They usually go for about $250 on craigslist.
  6. BigMoneyTT

    My Kappas sound AWFUL

    I have a set of Kappa 6x8's and I actually think they sound great... but I only paid $55 for the pair so I guess my frame of reference is a little different. I have used them in a number of different configurations, from just head unit power, to a cheap Volfenhag amp, and 300 watts a piece off a big Kicker stereo amp, and now I'm running them active off a 4 channel putting out 200 watts rms to each tweeter and each mid. They have taken the power great, and I tend to keep them cranked. I will agree that there is definitely room for improvement on the midbass.
  7. BigMoneyTT

    Mixing Batteries?

    Thanks that's what I needed to hear. This will save me a lot of money.
  8. Is it okay to mix regular and deep cycle batteries? Basically I have a stock battery under the hood and want to put a big deep cycle Kinetik or something in the trunk to power my amps. Is that a bad idea?
  9. BigMoneyTT

    battery questions

    It's all gonna be crammed into a 2005 Ford Focus sedan. Thanks for the input guys. I was actually thinking in that same direction... but I think I heard somewhere that it's a no-no to mix regular wet cell batteries and deep cycle dry batteries in the same setup. Is there any truth or reason to that? If there's nothing wrong with doing so I'll probably start with the HC2400 in back with the stock battery under the hood.
  10. I have an Orion 2500D and a Rockford Fosgate Power 800a4 that I would like to run in my car. I have upgraded my alt to a 200amp Ohio Generator and upgraded to 0 gauge Big 3, but at the moment I am still using the stock battery. Before I install everything I want to get a better idea of what to do with the electrical system to avoid problems down the road. How many batteries should I be running for this setup? Can I keep the stock battery up front to run the engine while using a large deep cycle in the trunk to run the amps? If so, is a Kinetik HC2400 the way to go or should I be looking at something else?