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  1. LoggedOut

    Tru Bass 8‘s bnib x10

    Tru Bass 8 inch dual 4 ohm subs (x10) Buy with a tline box for a little extra too. Made specifically for these guys. $90 per sub or $175 per pair shipped How much extra to buy with a tline?
  2. LoggedOut

    funky pupps

  3. LoggedOut

    Purple Krazor T-Moble Cheap

    had the verizon version of this phone before i dumped them for AT&T. nice phone. glws
  4. LoggedOut

    Looking for a couple of 12's

    2 - 12" RE SE's D2 - 270 shipped
  5. LoggedOut

    Garage woofer. doom doom doom

  6. LoggedOut

    Rock Songs - Add your new favourites

    Marc Broussard - Hard Knocks
  7. LoggedOut

    WTB: 12" D1 or D4 Sub

    RE SE12 D4 - LNIB 125 shipped TC-9 Hybrid - Brand New, never powered. D1 - 185 shipped Pics here: more pics PM me
  8. LoggedOut

    Recommend me 400wrms @ 2ohm amp

    Kicker KX400.1 owned one of these since 2003, put it through hell, still worked when i traded it to some chump a few months ago...
  9. Will take either, 10" or 8"....offer up what you got. Pics / Condition / Price would be appreciated. Thanks, Loggedout
  10. LoggedOut

    60 gb video ipod.

    willing to trade ~40' of knu 0g