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  1. mobsters211

    paint ball equipment for sale/trade

    AUTOMATIC OMG haha...not
  2. mobsters211

    FS: Protein Powder

    if ud like to save money from this cheap ass salesman...you can get nectar from Bodybuilding.com - Syntrax Product Listing - On Sale! Lowest Prices For Syntrax! for 28$...this guy is just trying to rip people off
  3. mobsters211

    FS: Protein Powder

    jw...where do you get by with saying gnc.com is nasty cheap shit?
  4. mobsters211

    xbox 360 + stuff

    ....pm me...we mite be able to work sumdin out
  5. mobsters211

    Homemade tobacco pipes $6 shipped

    look like a **** crack pipe haha ...still i may buy
  6. y the **** woud some1 pay 115$ for these gay things...none the less buy them
  7. mobsters211

    FS: Sickest paintball gun

    uhmm ive seen sicker..pmr's are shit
  8. mobsters211

    FS- Motorola V60 cell phones.... a Bunch

    looks like someone robbed a ghetto ass phone store
  9. mobsters211

    FS Ski/Snowboard Goggles

    haha who the hell did..ive never seen any like them
  10. mobsters211

    FS Ski/Snowboard Goggles

    did u make these>?
  11. mobsters211

    The shop is back open lol

    nba love? haha
  12. mobsters211

    Wtt- My car audio for your guitar

    haha i have a fender squire strat..but idont think ud want that
  13. mobsters211

    camel snus coupons $2.00 off

    redman is where its at
  14. mobsters211

    WTS Xbox 360 and PS3 games

    wow socom still makes games..that company old as ****k haha