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  1. Digital Designs

    This amp any good? AB VFL 1000...

    Thanks for the info
  2. Digital Designs

    This amp any good? AB VFL 1000...

    Do you know about what kinda power figures it would be doing? Whats it worth to you?
  3. Digital Designs

    This amp any good? AB VFL 1000...

    Looks to be super old school, cant really find much info on it. Anyone ever use one of these? Here is a pic...
  4. Digital Designs

    O guage wire

    i think i have a few odd runs left over, where in NY are you?
  5. Digital Designs

    good buy?

    It was answered, idiot.
  6. Digital Designs

    wtb 10s 12s or 15s

    2 Lightning Audio Storm X1 12s. I am about 3 hours away from you. PM me for price.
  7. Digital Designs

    Somebody should know the answer to this amp question!

    Where is the amp grounded?
  8. Digital Designs

    Light weight SPL setup

    If you liked your Q, why not get another one?
  9. Digital Designs

    FS: Sundown Amps

    You should be fine, says in that disclaimer you only need username and date when you have less than 10 references. You have a 10 feedback score.
  10. Digital Designs

    Anyone play with HIDs much?

    Its an 06 but doesnt have projector housings? I know halogen projector housings arent nearly as good as HID ones, they still work A LOT better than whats most likely in OPs car.
  11. Digital Designs

    Anyone play with HIDs much?

    What do you drive? You have had them coming at you at 2 in the morning while it is down-pouring out?
  12. Digital Designs

    Anyone play with HIDs much?

    No, they arent. If they arent going in at least decent projector housings, please dont get HIDs at all. That is much more distracting than the super blue or purple lights. BTW, I have 6000k 55w bulbs for low beams, and 5000k 35w bulbs for fogs. I think this is the perfect color, not pure white, but definitely not blue. Also, OP, around 4300k is the most light output you will get. The more you go up or down in the scale, the less output you will have.
  13. Digital Designs

    12" D2 or Quad 1 Subwoofer

    Lightning Audio Storm X1 12 D2? PM me if interested, it will be cheaper than the other subs in here I promise
  14. Digital Designs

    Sundown SA-8 D2 and DD1508 S4 CHEAPPPP!!!!

    If i saw this before, I would have. Unfortunately(well fortunately at the same time...) Both of the subs are sold.
  15. These things are sold to LA_CRX.