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  1. gardar

    Which set up will hit harder?

    It really does
  2. gardar

    How many DB's

    You would get over nine thousand db's!
  3. gardar

    Which set up will hit harder?

    I would go for the type x
  4. gardar

    capacitor advice

    Well I can spend a bit more than 20 bucks on a new battery... But with my current setup and plans, how many amps should I be aiming at?
  5. gardar

    capacitor advice

    Ok guys, I'm finally going to buy the second battery... How big should I get? I do want to handle full power of my type x sub and type x speakers that I'll buy sometime soon.... Been looking at this site, to see what's available: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/viewcat.php?show_thumbnails=1&show_description=1&id=228&car_only=&page=1&manufacturer=162&new_page=1 Is the HC600 good enough or should I get a bigger one?
  6. gardar

    capacitor advice

    I haven't seen that movie, but according to imdb that seems correct
  7. gardar

    Gardar from iceland

    We'll have to see about that... But I'll post pictures of the car and setup soon...
  8. Hey there my name is Gardar and I'm from iceland. I currently own two cars a 1991 Chevrolet Camaro z28 and a BMW e36 325i that I use for daily driving... The camaro has original audio system and won't be changed... But maby removed, the sound of the engine is better than music. The 325 has some JVC head unit (will check the model number later), a Alpine 12" type x (SWX-1243D) sub and a Alpine MRD-M1001 amp. I will probably upgrade the speakers soon and I'm thinking about going with alpine type x speakers.... I also want to replace the head unit with a alpine one.... But most of all I want to be able to run my sub at full power, which I can't do right now because the electric in the car doesn't seem to handle it.
  9. gardar

    capacitor advice

    Extra batteries? I have upgraded the original battery to a bigger one....
  10. gardar

    capacitor advice

    Yeah it is pretty cool... Both the weather and the country itself :P Ah thanks for this... And yeah I trust you guys, just tell me what I need to know... I'm all ears
  11. gardar

    capacitor advice

    I would if it would work... I keep getting database errors when the search results are supposed to appear
  12. gardar

    capacitor advice

    Well actually my system isn't for show off but for giving my back a massage.
  13. gardar

    capacitor advice

    Well searching gives me database error
  14. gardar

    capacitor advice

    What's this "big 3" you are talking about?
  15. gardar

    capacitor advice

    hmm I see... I did buy a bigger battery and that helped, but just not enough so that's why I thought a cap would be the next upgrade I need to do. I have also heard about adding a bigger altenator, but isn't that really expensive? If I add a second battery, how would I need to connect it to make it work? Do I need a second altenator for that?