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  1. Death_by_Bass

    Will it work?!

    well i am getting the p360 from a friend and i was just wondering if it would push the kicker
  2. Death_by_Bass

    Will it work?!

    just a quick question, i have a kicker l5 solobaric 10 and i was wondering if a rockford fosgate p360 would be able to push it? by the way the kicker is a dv2
  3. Death_by_Bass

    dbdragracer1 = SCAMMER

    i think it has something to do with OBAMA
  4. Death_by_Bass

    dbdragracer1 = SCAMMER

    stupid people need to stop scamming
  5. Death_by_Bass

    Monster Cables?

  6. Death_by_Bass

    Quantum Audio

    They sound alright in the s10 i doubt ill be keeping them but they are something to mess around with
  7. Death_by_Bass

    FI Shipping

    my eclipse is pretty reliable but cant wait to get the firebird going
  8. Death_by_Bass

    Quantum Audio

    i was wanting to get input on them before i put them in ive put them to a stock s10 h/u and they sound alright but idk the watts or anything on them
  9. Death_by_Bass

    Quantum Audio

    How is this brand? i have a set of solar series components and i was just wondering if there even worth putting in? has any one tried these out?
  10. Death_by_Bass

    DFW USACI and DB Drag myspace

    I leave for a month or two and we become drama queens what happened
  11. Death_by_Bass

    WTB:All Kicker Stuff

    i have two kicker l5 solobaric 10s dv2
  12. Death_by_Bass

    USACI: SPRING BREAK JAM MARCH 7th-8th 2009!!!!

    HAHAHAHA dumbass! lol dam the mods sure love you.........
  13. Death_by_Bass

    USACI: SPRING BREAK JAM MARCH 7th-8th 2009!!!!

    dam!!! wtf for this time???
  14. Death_by_Bass

    USACI: SPRING BREAK JAM MARCH 7th-8th 2009!!!!

    lol there the SAME thing and that will be bad when you have the wall done and by the way............. take pics:D