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  1. 93dakota

    Amp keeps blowing fuses?

    it is most likly internal may want to open up your amp and take a look.
  2. 93dakota

    amp wiring question

    if the voice coils are 4 ohms on your speakers then you have the two ohm load you are looking for.
  3. 93dakota

    Continuous power

    it if most likely a fuse. How did you check the fuses? you can not just visually check them you will need to use a either a dmm or a fuse checker. the fuse you should be lookinf for most of the time is under the hood.
  4. need more info, what amp what speakers, how do you have them wired?
  5. lookin good doug. cant wait to see it when i come home.
  6. 93dakota

    Serpentine type pully change

    i doubt it. i cant say for sure but it really all depends on the belts and how any ribs you have. my buddy runs dual alts on a 4 rib belt and does ok. what year and model?
  7. if the stock amp is using the same gauge wire as the speaker are then you will be hard pressed to find an amp that will be low power enough these days. if it is 14 gauge it can only support around 130 watts. your only real option is to rewire.
  8. 93dakota

    Battery Terminals

    This is the company that i use.
  9. 93dakota

    BXi 2010D Problems

    Check your remote wire. The Brutus series amps will light up only if the remote wire is hot so if you have the lights turning on and off, thats is probably it. if it is not that then it is internal.
  10. 93dakota

    Problem With Voltmeter

    did you calibrate your meter? the stinger volt meters need to be calibrated when you hook them up. so it may say 13.5 volts but really be over or under what it need to work correctly
  11. 93dakota

    Truck wont start?

    check you started relay... it might be the started. if your truck wont even crank and your voltage is above 11 volts then it has to be in the staring system. your starter could have been stuck in the engaged position while you where driving causing extra lag for the engion and burning out your starter.
  12. 93dakota

    Cutting speaker holes in door panels?

    if you can get a whole saw big enough that is the best way but if you dont care how it looks and have another tool that can do the job already then use it, it will be much cheaper. as long as you do an ok job the speaker will cover the hole up enough that it will not show.
  13. I would say the strand count is rather low to be true 0 gauge wire. the problem with *****ing with them is that they never stated to what standered it is being held to. the only real standerd in the US is AWG but most car audio companies do not follow this, many over size their wire and some under size. knu 0 gauge is almost 6 mm larger then that wire. though with the power that your running you should be fine with what you have.
  14. They amp and sub match pretty well but they are very low end. I would say it is ok for a beginer but by far not a good setup.
  15. 93dakota

    civic alternator

    it is pobably a single wire alt so it should be the only larger wire coming off of it. it may be in the back of the alt though which if i remeber correctly is a ***** to get to on those cars.