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    Obsessed with car audio, Married for 8 years, Love sports, 1 year old daughter,4 year old son and 9 year old son.
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    Taramps 8k 2 z v3 15
  1. Crownvicon28s

    Amp Suggestions

  2. Crownvicon28s

    Amp Suggestions

    Looking for an amp/amps for 3 zv3 15's d2's in the 7-800 range. Found an ab750.1, would that be a good match wired to 1.3? Should I strap two korean 3k's at 1.3 or get a 1 ohm brazillian 10k(hd10k or t10.9kw)? I'm lost. All help appreciated, just looking to push these subs to their full potential for the leas amount of money.
  3. Crownvicon28s

    Good 3k Amp

    I have a CT 4000.1 solid 5k+ amp. 600 shipped.
  4. Crownvicon28s

    Js Ultimate Alts

    This is the truth, nice guy also.
  5. Crownvicon28s

    Js Ultimate Alts

    I never clamped it because there was already a test done on my exact alt on youtube. Alts doing great. Holding 13.2 at the lowest on a taramps 8k and a mb quart 125.4 at two ohms per channel. 4g31's and 3 runs of 0 gauge.
  6. Crownvicon28s

    USAlternators: what's the word?

    These alts do rated amperage. I believe there are bench test on youtube. My 275 amp was $325. Works great.
  7. How much to sale? Pm me.
  8. buddy of mine has a banda 7k 1 ohm he wants to trade for my current amp but I need a 2ohm amp or I may just purchase one flat out and sell the banda.
  9. As the titile says. Used but good condition in a couple of weeks or trade banda 7k 1 ohm.
  10. Looking to trade Banda 7k 1 ohm version for 2 ohm version or Taramps 8k 2 ohm version