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  1. You’ll be fine
  2. 06gtmike

    Amp Dyno Wolfram 2400....2400 watts for $199

    From what I read they had some issues with Fedex after the rain delay. There is some info on the wolfram audio fan page on facebook. Apparently they were starting to go out Tuesday. https://m.facebook.com/groups/135301140610846?tsid=0.06200391403655914&source=result
  3. 06gtmike

    Bad Amplifier?

    From what I found they are single 4 ohm and the amp is 2 ohm stable which would make sense. Are you positive they are 2 ohms or are they wired together at 2 ohms
  4. 06gtmike

    Wolfram W-1500.1 And w-125.4

    It makes noise. Couldn’t really give it a fair review yet. Only have a temp sub in there for now running at 2 ohms on one Oz Matrix Elite 12 in a sealed box and haven’t had a chance to get things dialed in yet so I haven’t pushed it at all
  5. 06gtmike

    Wolfram W-1500.1 And w-125.4

    No longer for sale, I installed them yesterday
  6. 06gtmike

    Has anyone bought B Stock from Cab?

    Bought 2 b stock subs from them. One had a tiny nick in the surround, other one I never figured out what was wrong with it. Shipped quickly
  7. Mike hopefully the speakers are comming back , l checked the fn address , it was supposed to go to 114 colonial heights sanger Texas 76266

  8. 06gtmike

    shallow sub

    CAB has some bstock for $150 and free shipping I believe. http://www.caraudiobargain.com/b-stock-stereo-integrity-ht-18-subwoofer/
  9. 06gtmike

    Wolfram W-1500.1 And w-125.4

    $380 plus shipping for the pair
  10. 06gtmike

    SB Acoustics Sb17mfc35-4 6” Mids

    Sold. Not quite sure how to close these out just yet on the new platform
  11. 06gtmike

    SB Acoustics Sb17mfc35-4 6” Mids

    Yes, 2 speakers
  12. 06gtmike

    Wolfram W-1500.1 And w-125.4

  13. 06gtmike

    Bat Terminals.

    Just saw this last week which is a great option if you or anyone else doesn’t want to cut off the stock terminal. Replacing sophisticated stock battery terminals - Car Audio | DiyMobileAudio.com | Car Stereo Forum