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    Sound only, no bass

    I figured out the problem but ended up with a follow up problem. Originally I had the line output converter wired in to my stock rear speakers. I didn’t know it mattered but when I wired them to my front speakers, problem fixed. I now have bass but what the problem is now is that I can only control my bass through the bass control knob. So when I crank the bass, they will pound the same no matter if my radio is on volume 1 or 20. So it’s like the subs and radio are controlled separately. Plus the subs have full music/vocals coming from them rather then just bass. All of the amp settings were how they came from the factory, all turned up.
  2. Hi, I wired up a sound system and when I turned them on I’m getting only vocals basically, zero bass. This is the first install I’ve done where I had to use an amplifier add-on converter to hook it up to a factory radio so possibly I did it wrong. Any advice on what I may have done wrong? Thanks. photos are of the amp/subs I have.
  3. Hi, I haven’t messed with a sound system since I was a teenager and how I used to do it was max out everything and blast my ears out until something blew. Now that I care more about maintaining the life of my sound system and getting the best performance, I’d like some advice on the best wiring configuration and amp settings. monoblock 4000w amp 2 12” kenwood 1000w 250w rms mounted in a sealed box with a divider Thanks!