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  1. mcquesten

    WTB: Some Blu Ray's

    I have Juno
  2. mcquesten

    Black Ma7011/A Macbook

    How much cash are you thinking before I take the pics?
  3. mcquesten

    Black Ma7011/A Macbook

    Trade for Sundown Sae 1200d and two Sa-8's?
  4. mcquesten

    FS: Medal of Honor

    Why don't you stay the fukc out of my thread with your post dumping bullshit then.
  5. mcquesten

    FS: Medal of Honor

  6. mcquesten

    FS: Medal of Honor

    Need some quick cash, so I'm selling my copy of the new Medal of Honor. Got it when it came out around a week or so ago. Like new no scratches or anything. $45 shipped
  7. Didn't recieve any pm.
  8. If I can find another single I will definitely buy yours.
  9. mcquesten

    need 1000 rms at 2ohms.

    I have a JL 1000/1 v2 for sale. I'll make you a good deal on it.
  10. Im in huntingdon TN (west tn) Where are you located?
  11. Like the title says I want a pair of either one of those subs, or possibly something else comparable. Cash in hand lets make a deal!
  12. mcquesten

    Recommend Me Some 15"s

    I want these, but havn't pulled the trigger and bought them yet, because I wanted some more opinions on what would be best for my setup. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/488565-dc-lvl-4-15s-lvl-5-softparts-sale-cheap.html
  13. mcquesten

    Recommend Me Some 15"s

    I guess a mixture of both. It's going to be my daily driver, so not competing or anything right now. As far as budget I'd like to get it under $500 for the subs. I don't really want to go that high, but I can if I need to.
  14. mcquesten

    Recommend Me Some 15"s

    Ok I have a Sundown 2000d to power them. They will be going in the bed of my Chevy Avalanche, and I will be getting a ported box built to specs for what ever the sub is. So with that info wohat would you recommend? I've had my eye on some DC level 4's, but I don't know much abut them.