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  1. 97accordalpine

    SoundQubed HDS210 box tuning

    I've always liked 32ish.
  2. 97accordalpine

    SoundQubed HDS210 box tuning

    I've always liked 32ish.
  3. 97accordalpine

    Who has the best amp????

    I prefer boss amps myself. Its the only brand that can make 4000 watts and not strain my stock electrical.
  4. 97accordalpine

    OmegaBunny's Feedback Thread...

    Bought an AQ HDC3 15". Got it quick & as expected. Great communication also. Good seller here.
  5. 97accordalpine

    WTB: Low Budget Amp & sub

    I appreciate the replies. Last night we ended up going to a friends house where there was a little kitten. Unfortunatly the GF just had to have it. =\ Since pets cost money shes done with the system Idea. I should have known how this was going to turn out.
  6. 97accordalpine

    WTB: Low Budget Amp & sub

    Her car already has a somewhat decent cd player and all the needed wiring from the previous owner. I also have a spare box I built which is why I would prefer a 12". But I appreciate your reply.
  7. Looking for a budget amp and sub for the gf's car. Would prefer a 12" but a 10" will also be considered. Price cap is $200-250 for both. Let me know what you have.
  8. 97accordalpine

    What's Your Comfortable Listening Level?

    What I have in my car (see sig) is a pretty comfortable listening level for me. Usually for cruising I have it a tad under full tilt and sometimes back the sub off a bit.
  9. nice lookin quad. GL with sale.
  10. 97accordalpine

    Jeeper07?? Where is he and my sub?

    Glad to see this got resolved. Sad how often it seems things like this happens.
  11. 97accordalpine

    how many watts can it handle?

    Id run it at 2 ohm.
  12. 97accordalpine

    Bass track thread!

    Havent tried this on my system yet but It seems like it would be good. Datsik - Jenova Project YouTube - Datsik - Jenova Project
  13. 97accordalpine

    WTB: 600 watts @ 2 ohm

    Have any pics?
  14. 97accordalpine

    WTB: 600 watts @ 2 ohm

    I like the thoughts of having that MTX although Its on the high side of my price range. Im just going to save up a bit and look for something then. Thanks for the replies & pm's from everyone.
  15. 97accordalpine

    what would you pay for this

    I wouldnt mind having that on my To order list.