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  1. headlesskoopa

    MECA April 10th Hammond, IN

    I hope to be up and running by then
  2. headlesskoopa

    Shockwave Customs!

    i hope you listen to other set ups before you dump your money at there shop. where in the south side do u stay by
  3. headlesskoopa

    Upset as hell today while searching for amp

    this when you buy a sundown 3500 its more like buying a sundown 5k , as it does 5k and when you buy a AQ 3500 you are buying a 3500 . this is just in mt own opinion
  4. headlesskoopa

    TRULY low bass songs. I'm talkin 20-no more than 35 hz.

    how much power u got going to them ?
  5. headlesskoopa

    TRULY low bass songs. I'm talkin 20-no more than 35 hz.

    i been using ur version for demos for the last 6 months i think. thank you
  6. headlesskoopa

    Anyone have any experience with Soundstream Headunits ??

    x2 i agree with him on that ,they take for ever to load any media unless its a regular CD basic eq , skips bad . i personal had 3 units fail with in 2 weeks
  7. headlesskoopa

    4 18" konaki's 16k soundigital.

    all i have to say is, want to sell that maxxlink ? PM me
  8. dc no problems shipped it real quick (at door step with in 19 hrs overnight shipping) dont dip bellow 14.3 five batts in total. when i meter it goes up to 14.8 as stock alt fully kicks in as there is a load on it . last one (on a 97 tahoe) was an iraggi failed with in a week but the shop took care of it.
  9. headlesskoopa

    back after 3 year ban

    lol, fyi im going to hell
  10. headlesskoopa

    Boss or Crunch Amplifier?

  11. headlesskoopa

    Boss or Crunch Amplifier?

    so why don't you push any of those brands ,
  12. headlesskoopa

    Boss or Crunch Amplifier?