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  1. maddskillzz

    My Sony Xplods Suck Balls!

    Xplodes are da shit....you aint doing it right
  2. maddskillzz

    Whos tinted their own windows?

    ive done several for myself and a couple buddies....take your time..do it inside a shop if at all possible...if not make sure there is no wind blowing
  3. maddskillzz

    Sundown Audio

    That amp must have cost about 8 grand if its all american made....
  4. maddskillzz

    95 mustang gt

    da paint on the hood dont match the rest of the car
  5. tirerack.com tires.com
  6. maddskillzz

    wire multiple amps?

    distrobution blocks...
  7. maddskillzz

    Where can i but RE Audio Se?

    thats pretty close...$330 shipped
  8. maddskillzz

    What subs for this setup?

    like what was posted earlier....get the subs then build the box to specs of subs....1.8 would probably do well with 3 8's...by the time you drop 3 10's in a box that small the displacement of the sub takes almost all the airspace..your 1.8 tuns into less than 1 cube..
  9. maddskillzz

    What subs for this setup?

    1.8 shared for 3 10's is ultra small...maybe you should look at 2 8's or maybe 1 10 or 1 12
  10. maddskillzz

    Where can i but RE Audio Se?

    dont know that i have ever seen 2 12's for 300 shipped from any site
  11. maddskillzz

    95 Mustang GT 5.0 5 Speed Conv

    Kinda ironic..i bought my 95gt for the Gas mileage and your selling yours because of it...LOL...mine gets around 22-24...my f-150 gets about 14
  12. maddskillzz

    Budget System ?

    you need to go read the big 3 thread....i dont think you understand what it is...and dont put a cap in the car..
  13. maddskillzz


    well...i guess i need to be GETTING THE F OUT cuz watchin 2 dogs fuq would be more entertaining that that clip you posted
  14. maddskillzz

    Help me piece together a new system

    I think that will buff out with some McQuires