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  1. Thanks, I like little accents of suede. If everything was done them it sticks out like a sore thumb. Thanks! No, but I have a feeling he will be coming back for that. LOL
  2. Thanks, yeah that's what the customer wanted. Not my taste but he's paying me to put them on LOL. No, there is no cover for the amps. The customer never puts anything in his trunk.
  3. Thanks, there is not going to be any plexi in this build and the trunk will still be functional.
  4. Labor to install the second battery, front components, rear speakers, both amps, integrate into the factory system, drop the front bumper and install HID's on the low/high beams and fogs lights, mold the DDC into the dash, fab adapters for the front doors, box and amp rack was a little over $1,400.