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  1. This might help, I have a Hyundai Tiburon (hatchback) with 2 12's in a large ported box aiming at the trunk on 3,000 rms. I got two 4 channel amps that are 400RMS total each with pro audio PRV speakers and I think it's fairly matched treble to bass ratio. Honestly on heavy bass songs, I wish the treble was louder sometimes but also at the same time I know loud treble is really bad for your ears so it's probably for the best
  2. DylanBeatz

    Dark Audio Subs

    Sounds to me like u already know your answer. I've never heard the NKO's but I own 2 12" DKI's, and I don't believe you can buy a better sub for the money. It could even cost way more and I'd still buy it. I do love the cheap price though haha it's a steal. So I believe the NKO's would be the same since they're made by dark audio as well
  3. DylanBeatz

    SQL for daily driving 12 inch ssa icon or fi ssd 15inch

    Yeah well that just seems silly. I bet the 15" icon is only $40 more than the 12". What is $40? Its nothing lol but if its that important, definitely go with the Fi Ssd. Itd be silly to get 12" over a 15" if you have the room for the 15"
  4. DylanBeatz

    SQL for daily driving 12 inch ssa icon or fi ssd 15inch

    Why are you comparing a 12" vs a 15"? Get a 15" icon
  5. DylanBeatz

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    Whatever man, l just installed my Dark audio Industries DKI's and they slam. Sound just as good as the XCON's. Was surprised honestly. Since people say the XCON's have great sound quality. XCON's do sound great but these new subs sound just as good im pretty sure, its crazy. And i really think they might be louder, honestly, its intense. Hard to remember for sure though since it's been 2 weeks since i had both of my XCON's playing at the same time. Only had 1 working since then. I will meter these new subs though to find out for sure if theyre louder. My XCON's hit 144.6db at 43 hz. These new subs hit the lows, upper 20 hz region a little harder than XCON's but they don't hit the higher range of around 50hz and up quite as loud. Still plays it though and im happy with them. And they got stitched tinsel leads into the spider so i know they wont break. I guess we'll see how they last compared to the XCON's but i think it will be better. Cant really be much worse. And it's crazy these cost half the price of the XCON's, literally half the price.
  6. DylanBeatz

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    They were both same distance from port. And u meant below the boxes tuning? I dont play screwed or rebassed music so idk
  7. Where did you get that box? Do you know the specs? Internal volume and tuning? And yes if a sub has 1500 rms, you can still clip the amplifiers signal even if its only a 900 rms amp. Yes go with more power first and keep the subs i would say. Ive never heard type-x subs but i love alpine type-r's. Get a good 2000 rms amp and yes dont get a capacitor, get a nice AGM battery for the trunk. Like winky said, do you have 0 gauge OFC (Oxygen free copper) running into your amp?
  8. Also you're looking for more spl? You want it to be louder? What kind of box do you currently have? Sealed or ported? Got any pics? Also don't get a capacitor
  9. So clipping occurs when you turn the volume up too high. Sound waves are parabolas. Check this picture for reference. A clean signal is round on the top and bottom. However when you turn up the signal too high for the amplifier with volume, gain, or bass boost, the signal will flatten out on the top and bottom. That's what clipping is. Flat plateues instead of round hills. The amp is trying to put out more power than it can actually do, so it clips. A subwoofer plays the signal that it is sent. If the signal is clean the subwoofer come will move in and out smoothly like a smooth parabola. If the signal is clipped the sub will extend, then in a jerky abrupt fashion it will stop, and freeze, till it goes back in and repeats the same freezing motion on its way into the box. Hope that makes sense. The freezing motion the sub makes when the signal is clipped causes the sub to overheat faster than a clean signal. I've heard a small amount of clipped power can overheat a sub more than a large amount of clean power. This is how some people blow subs with tiny amps. The people overcompensate for their small amp by cranking the gain and clipping the signal. Also a clipped signal draws more power and can make your voltage drop.
  10. DylanBeatz

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    My box was right in the recommended enclosure specs, so was not extra big. Well guess I just had shitty luck then, I didn't set anything wrong. And if I did both subs would have ended up with the same problem because both subs are in the same single chamber box and they're both on the same mono amp. But no, each sub has a completely different unique problem, which means it's random as f**k. I don't understand why nobody recommended any other subs to me lol but anyways I got some brand new Dark Audio Industries DKI 12's on the way, will be here tomorrow. They were barely more than the price of 2 recones for the xcons and I don't have to spend any time doing a recone which I have no idea how to do. I'm super excited to have loud bass again tomorrow
  11. DylanBeatz

    What Sub Should I go with?

    Yeah the sub enclosure aka sub box is the most important thing. Your box volume is too small and its tuned too high with too thin of wood. A new box would make a huge difference. Look how large my box for two 12s is. You'll need something like this. A box is not too hard to build if you have a table saw. I could even design a box for you for free if you'd like. You could also pay someone to build it if you have the money. You will not regret getting a new box I promise
  12. DylanBeatz

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    You're saying rebuild a box and get recones? Btw they already had 5 progressive spiders Anybody got any other sub recommendations?
  13. DylanBeatz

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    I wrote that the box is 4.6 cubes tuned to 33 hz, should have worked fine. From what I remember from the box recommendations when these subs were available my box was almost perfect, just low on port area probably. 50 square inches of port. 12.5"x4". I had an issue with the sub on the left after only a month. Started making a rattling noise on high frequencies. I just settled with it cuz I have more important things to spend money on. Then a year later the other sub has a tinsel snap. These subs never got warm. I played them conservatively, but they both had completely random f**k ups. If the left sub started rattling, why didnt the right sub? If the right sub had a tinsel lead snap, why didnt the left sub? It's too random and unpredictable for me and I'm bitter and dont want to support the brand anymore. I ran alpine type-r's and kicker cvr's for years with no issues and I got used to that so I'm not happy with this.
  14. DylanBeatz

    Sub to replace SSSA XCON?

    Have two SSA XCON 12's and have had many problems. One started making a rattling noise on higher frequencies and the other one had a tinsel lead break. I soldered the tinsel back but it keeps breaking every couple months. I'm fed up with them since I set my gain perfectly. Anyways what would replace them well? They worked fine for me when they worked. Looking for loud with the ability to play all frequencies. Will be used for daily music, no numbers, on a Rockford fosgate T2500-1bdcp (3300rms on birthsheet). Cant be a sub that requires small boxes. My box is around 4.6 cubes after displacement at 33hz