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  1. on1wheel01

    WTB 4x6 speakers 2 pair

    Wanting something to sounds decent as I may be doing two sa8's 1.5
  2. As title says 2 pair 4x6 speakers for my 92 extended cab c1500
  3. Hey guys about to build a box for a 240sx. Doing a wall like build. Not sure how to design port as dont usually do the bottom ports, so if someone could design it for me I would appreciate it and could throw you a few bucks for it. Width I want is 32" wide. 18" deep can be slightly deeper if needed, front of box top(closest) to front seats is 25 1/2 high, back of box(closest to hatch ) 21 1/2 high. It's for a sundown nightshade 18" v3 prototype he bought from sundown. I need 4 cubes after port and sub displacement tuned to 32 hz with a double baffle also. He is wanting the port at the bottom of the box under the sub if possible with both being in the middle of the box. Both firing forward. If thats not possible, I want the sub behind the passenger seat with port at bottom behind the drivers seat. Let me know what yo u can do. pm or hell text for fastest response but I will be checking this regularly. 704 658 5764 __________________
  4. Eh really open to many things. I do so much trading(I do reloading of ammo,powder coating, box building and other ventures) I get so many items in on trade I am always willing to listen lol
  5. Lol if I was still in the stunting game I would say hell yes lol.
  6. Really? Had no idea, been out of the game for a bit just concentrating on customers box builds and my other adventures in hobbies.
  7. That's why the price says obo. I'm open to offers on it.
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD Item(s) for Sale: Obsidian Audio D2 15" sub Re: 4.0 Ohm Fs: 31 Hz Qms: 2.9 Qes: 0.76 Qts: 0.61 Vas: 81 Le: 4.36 mH BL: 18.18 SPL: 87 dB Sd: 856 cm^2 Mms: 321 g Xmax: 20mm Peak-to-peak: 62mm (2.45") Power Handling: 600 watts RMS Item(s) Description/Condition: Just got in a trade is brand new(well was told and coils look 100% new mountgin gasket doesnt look to have had screws through it either. I just don't need it, not into bass right now. Have other hobbies to fund. Also have 100% feedback on ca.com under same name Price: $160 + shipping obo, or will trade for whatever, make offer on what you have, doesn't have to be audio related. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Will ship at buyers expense Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  9. Need a amp that does around 500 rms at 2 ohm. Have a hx2 d4 to power its 500 rms . Budget ia $125 but closer to $100 is better building a budget system for someone let me know need as
  10. Oh I 100% agree. But hell guy comes to me with cash I do what I can lol. One guy on caco (made the same thread there) said it's 11.9 aka 11 7/8 as he has one and measured. Which matches the specs in teh front ad for the sub here HCCA122 (12inch Dual 2ohm) - Orion Card Audio Got the other when I went to the manual pdf
  11. Well building the box for someone and they can't get the dim's so that's the prob. Guess I will go with 11.5 which is figure 11 1/2 and if need bigger will just hit with grinder and sanding pad
  12. Don't have the sub right at me. And true could sand but doing double baffle so would be a pita.
  13. Welp building a box for a orion hcca 122. Looking on orions web site for that sub one place says 11.9 one place says 11.5. So wtf which is it needing to know as im at the process to cut out the holes. Also I'm having a brain fart 11.5 would be 11 1/2 right? And 11.9 would be 11 7/8? Sorry for the noob ?'s I don't know whats wrong with me today