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  1. Rock bottom prices. 1000D - SOLD 100.4d - $225 + actual shipping charges (17 lbs, 0 oz.) Amps being shipped from 91724.
  2. Preferably not. If it's something I could turn into cash easily, then I'll consider it.
  3. OBO. Feel free to make offers.
  4. Item(s) for Sale: Sundown SAZ-1000D Sundown SAX-100.4d Item(s) Description/Condition: 1000D is new, never installed. Bought directly from Sundown. 100.4d is refurb'd from dB-r. Never installed. Price: 1000D - $260 OBO 100.4d - $275 OBO Buy both for $560 shipped. Local pickup (SoCal\L.A.- SGV) welcomed. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Prices are shipped to the lower 48. PM or email rodbalingit @ yahoo dot com me for questions or info. Item Pictures: Will get some newer pics with my user name in them. In the meantime. 100.4d 1000D
  5. Looking for a GPS antenna for my kenwood kna-g510 nav unit. Also looking for a kenwood kca-bt200 (or bt300) bluetooth module. Anyone got either of these things, let me know how much you want for them. Thanks, Rod
  6. If anyone has a set of the mounting plates you screw into the sides of your DD receiver, I'll buy them off you. Just got a Kenwood DD off a friend and he didn't have the mounting plates anymore.
  7. Just need 2. Will buy 4 if you have them. LMK.
  8. Looking for one of these. PM me if you have one and how much you want for it.
  9. rod_b

    500 rms...anything good can do?

    I would try to look for a Boston G5 12, 1.0 cuft with a GTR. That's a solid setup for 500W.
  10. rod_b

    Sub that have sq in 1.0 box

    Are you upgrading your mids and highs also? Lots of people say they want SQ but when they get a true SQ sub, it reveals holes in their freq range from mids and highs not up to the task. So then they say the sub sucks.
  11. Wanting to go a little bigger. If you got one, let me know. Thanks