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  1. JRsmoothee

    Dsp help

    actually im a dodge/chrysler owner and know all about their factory HU/EQ been there done that....95% sure the rear channels are full signal, so the DSP will work fine for him....i dont remember me or the OP mentioning anywhere about entering any SQ competitions...he needs it for a sub setup, easy to do with dayton....
  2. JRsmoothee

    Dsp help

    "The Dayton DSP only works well when you take ALL head units out of the equation and only use the dayton dsp" thats the dumbest shit i've heard lately. my dayton dsp works fine with my HU(i have never used BT streaming feature for music on mine)....i see nothing wrong with him using the high level inputs, you just need to give it full range signal, it will give you all the processing you desire, prolly overkill for just subs, but for how cheap it is why not
  3. im not familiar with that vehicle...but 150A alt. should have no problem with that amp, i doubt your seeing full power from it also...my amps in my jeep are capable of 2000 rms and i have 160A alt. never had a problem with voltage even before upgrading electrical (big 3, dual batteries).....throw a decent AGM under the hood and do the big 3....see what that does.....also check/clean all your grounds
  4. JRsmoothee

    Matching amp output to PioneerTS-V10 speakers

    bridge em....be conservative on gains, you may need some rca y connectors...just plug left rca to input on corresponding amp channel and right on other input
  5. i see that now...i need to read more thoroughly
  6. i honestly wouldnt put that large of a stereo in boat with weak charging capabilties.....last thing you want is to be stranded with dead battery way out in the water....(start paddling LOL)....but thats just my opinion....but than again im not too familiar with boats, but have been stranded on the water in a boat at night and it sucks
  7. JRsmoothee

    FU Audio FU1500TI-12

    youdoofus is kinda starting to piss me off also with 1000+ posts a day with the i know it all attitude.....needs to quit trying to be the forum "hero"....you lost my respect along time ago
  8. check your voltage at amp when playing it loud not at battery....
  9. JRsmoothee

    Intermittent Stereo low volume/distortion

    or could be your music source, ex. going from a 128 kbps to 192+....(sorry if your smart enough to know the difference, alot of tards around here lately)....does it do it on same song/album?.....
  10. ooooh shit! haha... let the games begin, 2 men enter 1 man leaves...
  11. JRsmoothee

    Will this amp work

  12. JRsmoothee

    Steering wheel audio control

    i dunno man....try a different interface or recheck all wiring.....or take it to an audio shop, hard to diagnose over the internet
  13. JRsmoothee

    Steering wheel audio control

    looks like it has dip switches for settings, make sure they are all set where they need to be.....i only have experience with the idatalink maestro for an interface(if compatible with vehicle and HU)...hooks up to your PC--- select vehicle make/model---- flash/program----done enjoy!
  14. JRsmoothee

    Steering wheel audio control

    who installed it?
  15. JRsmoothee

    Steering wheel audio control

    what steering wheel interface was used? BMW model? HU model? need more info man....