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  1. JRsmoothee

    Rattle from subwoofer

    just been absorbing knowledge lately, dont post much here(been out the game a bit)... but your a f*cking idiot and i get sick of reading your stupid shit...
  2. JRsmoothee

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    JL is overhyped expensive equipment...my opinion...much better stuff out there and cheaper....research, research, research before you buy or install anything
  3. JRsmoothee

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    also the speakers in the dash firing up at the windshield will drive you insane (hard to EQ) get rid of em
  4. JRsmoothee

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    i just got done with my 09 grand cherokee about 3 months ago....you need to ditch the factory HU or get a real DSP....its gonna be a nightmare to try and tune with all that equipment...trust me! (unless your a pro). keep it simple, good luck...will you be installing yourself, if so i hope you are very experienced
  5. JRsmoothee

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    what HU do you plan on running? factory?
  6. JRsmoothee

    Enclosure Design service

    do you build for cash?....
  7. JRsmoothee

    Dayton DSP first looks

    not for me....
  8. JRsmoothee

    Dayton DSP first looks

    only 10 bands of eq per channel? according to website
  9. JRsmoothee

    Firewall filler

    rubber grommet
  10. JRsmoothee

    Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 Dyno

    i put a stinger 8" crossflow fan on my zapco sq's....they are also enclosed under utility compartment in back of my grand cherokee ( not much space) ran them full tilt for about an hour then measured with infrared therm. they never got above 96 degree f . ambient temp outside was 91 that day.....
  11. you just ruined your box...should have used mdf rings on top to raise it up enough so it wouldnt hit... too late now, only option i see is seal port opening and run it sealed or get new box
  12. JRsmoothee

    What is this stuck to my windshield?

    if it was a "company vehicle" at some point it might be gps tracking... had similar style hooked up in our company fleet trucks
  13. JRsmoothee

    Class A/B pulling more current than my Class D???

    OP... maybe head over to the DIYMA forum, they will take care of you over there, very friendly group of people.
  14. JRsmoothee

    Major installation problem

    there seems to be alot of forum "hero's" lately all competing to prove they are the most smartest/experienced....OP be careful of who you are taking advice from
  15. JRsmoothee

    1OHM here i come!!! it'll be installed in an hour

    i have a feeling there are quite few "product pushers" or reps from these crap companies on this forum and other forums(SMD for sure)...some of them you wouldnt even suspect. easy marketing and advertising