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  1. labor $$$$.....do it yourself, more than likely the shop only knows slightly more than you do about installs
  2. your getting f*cked over on that price!!! install it yourself, save that money for more/better equipment.....just do your research, dont rush it, and come hear and ask questions if you have any problems (follow advice of reputable members and dont be cocky).....its alot easier than you think
  3. JRsmoothee

    The truth about Rockville Audio

    ....i am no rockville supporter but you are an idiot....know what your talking about before going on a long rant
  4. JRsmoothee

    Is my processor faulty?

    pretty sure dsp is unbalanced (which could be the problem).....i'm not familiar with vehicle or HU so im just gonna stop, good luck
  5. JRsmoothee

    Is my processor faulty?

    what HU & amps are you working with
  6. JRsmoothee

    Is my processor faulty?

    i have everything on my system set with dayton dsp at 60/66 (any higher and you get distortion)....no distortion detected 35/35 (Alpine Ilx-207)on hu (dd-1), however you cannot feed the dsp any higher than 3-3.5ish volts...so on my HU i had to bring my front rca output levels down to match around 3.5v or so....if that makes any sense to you, try bringing down your input source to the dsp if your HU is capable...if you cannot adjust rca output from HU put a DMM on rca with a 0db tone and adjust HU volume till you get around 3-3.5ish volts...this is now your new max HU volume, keep dsp volume 60/66...then adjust amp gains.....in summary your feeding the dsp to hot of a signal it can handle, i would shoot for a 3v input signal from HU to DSP...see if that helps
  7. JRsmoothee

    Beginner multi size subwoofer setup question

    why are you so concerned about playing down to 10hz....cruisin around playing test tones? i would filter em at 25-80 with some eq and call it a day, dont make it more complicated than it has to be....thats my opinion
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    what ya got


  9. WTB Umik-1or Umm-6 mic View Listing what ya got Advertiser JRsmoothee Date 04/21/2019 Price $123,456.00 Category Wanting to Buy/Wanting to Trade  
  10. JRsmoothee

    2500-3k watts at 2ohm OR .5ohm..whats out there

    lol....dont listen to this guy!
  11. JRsmoothee

    Which amp for Image Dynamics

    theres no need for yelling man....calm down
  12. JRsmoothee

    Which amp is better? need help..

    they are junk...
  13. i would leave it alone....imo that would be a nightmare to tune if you dont know what your doin (adding amp)
  14. JRsmoothee

    New 12" Brahma

    my rta shows a fairly flat response (which was my goal) so it just kinda worked out perfectly...i dunno, im all smiles though....im not doubting your plans at all, i will point the finger at the builder
  15. JRsmoothee

    New 12" Brahma

    tested with SSD and Brahma both same result.... 26ish extremely different suspension between the two subs...Fi after a year is still extremely tight, Brahma brand new was as loose as my wifes asshole