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  1. alvitae

    needing 5K help

    Retail is close to 2000, but who pays retail, I think i've seen them for 1100-1200 new online and less used..
  2. alvitae

    needing 5K help

    Powerbass xta5000, Zenon board. Adassa Warlord, Zenon board as well.
  3. alvitae

    powerbass XTA 5000! (gut pics)

    Great amp. i've got one. Hoping to grab another tax return time.
  4. alvitae

    Holy hell. Best Buy install prices.

    Dayyum, No wonder shops are closing down fast, only an idiot would pay that kind of money. Especially when you start talking to them and you realize they know less than you. Had one tell me the other day the "big 3" was a waste of money. They charge big bucks for that kind of knowledge.
  5. I build my boxes by the light of a full moon in autumn when Mars is in conjuntion with Venus and cross my fingers....
  6. alvitae

    what the hell is going on

    Battery grounds are not bad as that is the real ground on the car. If you ground it to the chassis it goes to the negative on the battery anyway. Check your sub wiring. Also check for a tiny strand from your positive and negative on the amp to be touching. Just trace all your wires and check for snug. Edit: Try taking out the cap like was mentioned before. Plus there is nothing wrong with a short chassis ground or grounding to the battery. If all else fails do a short ground to the chassis. Who knows... Grounds cause a lot of problems.
  7. Yep it's possible. I've beaten some set ups that were a lot louder than me on paper. And had some systems I laughed at give me quite a scare ;p
  8. alvitae

    what to put in yukon xl

    My friend had 8 Mojo 15's in a wall being pushed by 4 Mtx Thunder elite 4001d's in his Yukon. Shook the ground decent.
  9. alvitae

    Wtf charging help anyone?

    Well crap! I was just about to buy this http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=95535 But if they don't charge very well....
  10. I've found small boxes increase power handling. I go by if the amp is to small for the subs I like a big box. To much power I like a small box.
  11. Fuse after your under-hood battery, Before your first trunk battery and after your last trunk battery. Something happens to your long run you will be glad you did it that way. As you have juice going in both directions.
  12. alvitae

    Oregon Comp

    No cash, Just a nice Crystal trophy.
  13. alvitae

    Oregon Comp

    Pro Auto Sep 12th 1:00 pm Saturday Lebenanon Or. East of Corvallis (OSU) about 20 minutes. 1910 S. 7th st behind the high school. Late notice but oh well. Plenty of drive time since it doesn't start till 1:00
  14. alvitae

    In the market for an older charger

    Book it out and see what its worth, Shouldn't be to terribly much since '70 was the last year for true muscle cars.